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                                                                                                         BITS & PIECES

- Please Note: While a lot of material is available through this website, you may be interested to know that as a member of the CBC/SRC Association, BC Chapter, you'll receive pdf versions of  "Auld Acquaintances", Stationbreak Magazine and Production Notes and Travel Trips, plus additional material looking at CBC British Columbia's productions and staff in years past.  Interested in joining?  Dues are just $15.00 per year.  Contact Peggy Oldfield at .

- Don't forget to let Peggy Oldfield know if you've changed your e-mail address or your mailing address! We want to keep in touch with you but we need you to keep in touch with us as well.

- If you wish to receive a copy of In Memoriam along with your mailings, please advise Peggy Oldfield. It is sent only on request. In Memoriam is issued quarterly and includes information about the life and work history of each person who has passed away here in B.C. and in other Provinces.

- Do you have stories to tell from your career days at CBC? Share them with us. We have many members who worked in Regions other than B.C. and memories from those other production centres would be welcome, also. Have you been on a holiday and have thoughts and memories to share, or tips on good travel deals or ways to make your dollar go farther or what you found was good value for money? Send your material in print to Peggy Oldfield (phone 604-662-6409 for contact info or send via ). Stationbreak may not always be able to print our nostalgic material but the CBC/SRC Association, BC Chapter will continue to share all articles with the membership. If you have enjoyed reading these shared reminiscences in the past, keep the tradition going and share your own! Don't worry about formatting or sending material that is handwritten rather than typed. We'll be pleased to have your submission no matter how it comes!