After the CBC Vancouver Children’s Christmas Parties in 1989 and 1990, from Bill Murray.

  Bill Murray joined the staff of CBC Vancouver in 1968 as an Office Boy and quickly
  transferred to the Human Resources Department.  As the years passed he was
  promoted to Administrative Assistant – Central Registry and subsequently to the
  role of Regional Purchasing Agent, then to Staffing Development Officer which was
  the position he held when he retired in 1998 after thirty years with CBC.  Bill
  embarked on a second career with B.C. Ferries that same year in the position of
  Employee Relations Manager, based at the Horseshoe Bay Terminal.  He retired for
  the second and final time in 2011 after 13 years with B.C. Ferries.  Since then he
  has enjoyed a great deal of travelling to places both near and far.  He is a regular
  participant in monthly CBC/SRC Association 5-pin bowling, designs the Bingo Game
  card for the bowlers every month, and is the creator of great promos announcing 
                                                        each month’s bowling event.

The calendar has been turned to the month of December and to thoughts of the holiday season which has now arrived.  For many many years, CBC Vancouver staff and families enjoyed an annual Children’s Christmas Party, sometimes held in a studio at CBC and in other years, at a rented venue in the city.  Bill Murray has sent
two delightful photos from 1989 and 1990 respectively which were taken in the office of the Human Resources Manager, Ron Mahy, at the end of the party in each year.  In the first picture from 1989, the children and grandchildren are lined up side by side, each one looking absolutely adorable in their festive party clothes.  The second photo taken a year later in 1990 captured the adults and children – look how the children appearing in both photos have grown!

We hope you enjoy these memories and your team wishes everyone Season’s Greetings and a very Merry Christmas!



1989 – In Ron Mahy’s office after the children’s party in 1989. Left to right Ron Mahy’s grandson Maxwell Henney, Bill Murray’s daughter Heather Murray, Ron Mahy's granddaughter Emily Henney, Mary Crampton’s son Brett Crampton, Bill Murray’s son Alex Murray, Catherine Morrin’s daughter Kelly Morrin, and might be Lena Chok’s daughter?


1990 – same office after 1990 party – Ron Mahy’s daughter Tracey Henney, Mary Crampton holding son Brett, Rhonda Landy holding son Evan, Ron Mahy holding grandchildren Maxwell and Emily Henney, Bill Murray holding daughter Heather, Mary Shim at front, Carmen Gutierrez holding Catherine Morrin’s daughter Kelly Morrin and Bill Murray’s wife Janice Murray holding their son Alex. 

December 15:   Children’s Christmas Party at the Oompahpah Restaurant in 1974 from Bill Murray.
January 1:         TBA

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