FLASHBACK: WHISTLER SLALOM CREW 1960s from Ray Waines' Collection

Whistler Slalom Crew 1960s
from Ray Waines’ Collection

This Flashback entry was taken in the 1960’s during coverage of Slalom Skiing at Whistler and comes from the collection of Cameraman Ray Waines who was on the crew.  Sadly, Ray Passed away on May 24, 2021.   When Ray submitted the photo, he shared some great memories of the shoot:

“Here are my memories of covering a Whistler Slalom course with only 3 Marconi black & white CBC Television cameras back in the 1960s….

It was late in our set-up day on the course and we still had to get a Marconi Mk 4 camera up to its location, which could not be reached by the Thiokol snow cat.  The heavy camera was loaded into a sled and just about the whole crew was either pushing or pulling on a rope to get the camera up the hill.  We finally dragged the sled all the way up, but we were across the course from where it should be and the steep slope made it too dangerous for us to cross!  Along came a young skier who stopped and saw our problem.  She asked us to put the rope around her waist and very slowly, all by herself, she side-slipped the sled and camera to the other side!  We were all awe struck by her powerful legs and her control.  It was Bob Hepworth, a regular skier at Whistler, who thanked Nancy for us.  Yes, that was our introduction to Nancy Green, who went on to win her Gold medal, two years later!

Our highest location for one of our Marconi Mk II cameras (Bruce McDonald’s) needed so many camera cables to reach his camera, that there was not enough power for the vacuum tube filaments to operate.  So, to get the necessary 6 volts, many lengths of joy power cable were run all the way up to Bruce’s camera.  Then, by cranking up a variac power supply, there was finally enough power to turn on the camera!

Those Mk II camera cables had very large and heavy solid brass connectors and after the Slalom race, we had to bring down all those heavy cables.  Well, somehow, one 200 ft. length got away at the top and I still remember seeing the cable racing down the hill, with that brass connector flying several feet off the icy slope!  Fortunately, no one was hit or there would have been some pretty serious injuries.

For those of you who remember going up to Whistler in the 1960s, there were no hotels to stay at, but they did find a rooming house to accommodate our crew.  For some of the crew, it meant sleeping on bunk beds, four to a room.

When you visit Whistler these days, you have to look very carefully to see what’s left of that Slalom course, as many trees have grown over the area near the foot of Whistler mountain.

But the memories are still there of this very small village of cabins, so remote and quiet.  Thinking back, I guess it was a pretty big event for a Television Crew to come up and cover the skiing in those days.  I am glad that we took on the challenge!”



Bob Hepworth (Audio), Stu Moscrip (Audio), Doug Franks (Technical Assistant), Bob Paton (Lighting), behind Bob is Bill Kyashko (Video), Bruce McDonald (Camera), Daryl Johnston (Maintenance), Ray Renning (Maintenance), Ray Waines (Camera), Andy Martens (Technical Producer), Jake Wiebe (Staging).  Crouched in front is Marv Coulthard (Audio).  The photo was taken by Bill Hadgkiss (Camera).

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