FLASHBACK: THE BEACHCOMBERS CAST & CREW c1980s from Grace Sigmund Collection

from Grace Sigmund’s Collection

Our Flashback image is from Grace Sigmund’s collection. Grace always said she absolutely loved her two seasons working on location for this series in the role of Costing Clerk.  The photo has captured The Beachcombers cast and crew on location in Gibsons, B.C. in the 1982 (A special thank-you to Nick Orchard for pinpointing the year!).  The show ran from 1971 to 1990 and its popularity has remained undiminished in the years since through syndication around the world.



Front Row L-R:  Bruno Gerussi (Actor: "Nick Adonidas"), Rae Brown (Actress: "Molly Carmody"), Robert Clothier (Actor:  "Relic"), Joe Austin (Actor: “Jack O’Gorman”), Nick Orchard (Production Manager), Mike McLellan (Staging).

2nd Row L-R:  Maurice Parkhurst (Makeup), Charlene Aleck (Actress: "Sarah"), Jackson Davies (Actor: "Constable John Constable"), Pat John (Actor:  "Jesse Jim"), Bob Frederick (Line Producer), Marianne Jones (Actress: “Laurel Jim”), Dion Luther (Actor: “Pat O’Gorman”), David Dewar (2nd A.D.), Chris Meeks (Staging).

3rd Row L-R:  Donna Jaggard (Continuity), Alex Pappas (1st A.D.), Grace Sigmund (Costing Clerk), Robert Moser (Carpenter),  Barry Fredericks (Staging),  ? (Gibson’s local, name unknown),  Mike Poole (Director), Roy Luckow (Director of Photography),  Penny Gibbs (Production Secretary),  John Willett represented by cardboard cutout (Art Director), Steve Geaghan (Set Designer),  ? (Design Assistant),  Ron ‘Rocky’ Cairns (Lighting).

4th Row L-R:  Eric Batut (Film Sound), Dick France (Film Sound), Deb Geaghan (Wardrobe), Barry (The Bear) Reid (Lighting), Graham Coutts (Props), Eileen Hoeter (3rd A.D.), Lara Fox (Continuity), Terry Blair (Camera Operator)? (Gibson’s local, name unknown),  ? (Gibson’s local, name unknown) .

5th Row L-R:  Duncan McGregor (Lighting), John Clothier (Camera Assistant), ? (Camera Assistant),  Peter Dashkewytch (3rd A.D.).

A special note of thanks to Grace Sigmund, Michael Bolton, Dick France and Nick Orchard for their invaluable assistance in originally identifying those pictured and to Dick’s son Robert France for his computer wizardry aid which made the process of identification infinitely easier.

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