The Les Jackson and Jim King Retirement Party, CBC Vancouver, in 1985.

  Our Photo Flashback has no mysteries to solve as
  everyone is identified.  It was taken during the
  retirement party for Les Jackson and Jim King
  which was held in the Regional Director’s
  Hospitality Suite on the 2nd floor of CBC
  Vancouver’s 700 Hamilton Street building on
  March 31,1985. 

  Les was a veteran broadcaster whose career
  started as a news-copy writer at CBC Winnipeg
  in 1940.  His service was interrupted when he
  enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1943
  and resumed at the end of the War in 1945. 
  When he moved to the West Coast he took up
                              Jim King and Les Jackson                                   the reins of Director of TV News for CBC
Vancouver and held that position until a few years before retirement when he became Assistant to the Director of Television.  

Jim King was in the Navy during World War II, serving on the Atlantic Coast doing convoy duty.  In 1955, Jim joined the CBC and during his thirty-year career, held positions in Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto and Vancouver where he was a Manager in the Finance Department. 

The photo shows just a portion of the crowd who attended the party to wish Jim and Les well in their retirement to come.

Sadly, Les Jackson passed away in 1998 and Jim King in 2006.

In front (seated L-R):  Edyth Roberts (Senior Receptionist/Switchboard), Des Risdon (Film Production Editor), Jane Carlson (Public Relations).

Back (standing L-R):  Ken Gibson (TV Producer/Executive Producer), Dieter Nachtigall (Special Projects Officer), Janet Pollock (Stores Clerk, retired), Wilf Porth (CBC Vcr TV Production Mgr/CBC Alberta Regional Director, retired), Louise Hebert (Receptionist/Switchboard), Elmer Winton (Radio Technician, retired), Bob Switzer (Producer/Host), Ray Adam (Sales Representative), Ray Whitehouse (TV Program Director, retired), Maurice Moses (Unit Manager), Audrey Brock (TV Presentation & Scheduling Supervisor), Allan Sommerfeld (Regional Sales Manager), Alan Martin (Manager, Engineering Services-Studios), Derek Chung (Staff Development & Industrial Relations Officer, Human Resources), Gordon Gill (TV Producer), Joe Battista (Location Production Manager, Beachcombers). And Marguerite Callegari (Senior Clerk, TV Program Administration) behind the camera in the center of the photo.

October 1:        50 Year CAPAC Song Special , CBC Vancouver Cast and Crew, 1975.
October 15:      Northwood Cast & Crew 1992 from Glenn Weston and Nick Orchard.

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