Larry Watson's Retirement – March 30, 1994

The CBC Vancouver Photo Boards are an amazing source of memories and grateful appreciation goes once again to their creator Bruce McDonald and to Glenn Weston who has taken so much time to rephotograph all of those pictures, making them a wonderful resource to share.  The new Flashback taken from those Boards captured Larry Watson on his last day of work on March 30, 1994 as he packed up boxes to leave the daily grind and begin retirement.

Larry joined the CBC Television Audio Department in 1965 and for the next 29 years loved the work he did there.  He also loved music, played the drums himself and prior to joining CBC he had played professionally for a time.  In retirement, Larry delighted in boating and golfing with wife Nan and often combined the two by enjoying a golf game on some remote island when cruising the Gulf Islands and Desolation Sound.  He was a member of the CBC Pensioners' National Association and a long-standing member of the CBC 20 Year Association, serving as a Member-at-Large on the Board of the latter Association for the last ten years of his life.  Larry passed away on August 22, 2010 at age 79.

We've not been able to identify everyone in the photo, so if you can add more names to the list following the picture, please contact .  Thank you!

Larry Watson, foreground at right with all his packed boxes!
Ray Renning (Senior Maintenance Technician), foreground at left.
Ron Petrescue (Head of Production Services) in gray suit.
Neil Trainer (EFP Cameraman) leaning on filing cabinet in front of Larry.
Joe Battista (Head, Business and Financial Affairs – Television) leaning against cement wall at right with arms crossed.
Possibly Leigh Tunstall (Audio Technician) in doorway right next to Joe or could it be Herb Baring?
Brad Coates (VTR Technician) in doorway, wearing red/white/blue jacket.
Ray Gall (TV Maintenance Supervisor) in the wine-coloured shirt behind Ron Petrescue.
Man in the red shirt wearing tie, slightly behind and between Ron and Neil - ? .
Possibly Dick Schaber (Senior Maintenance Technician), wearing the baseball cap, is behind the fellow in the wine coloured shirt.
Man wearing the striped shirt in the background - ? .

Special thanks to Michael Moss and Bill Murray for I.D. assistance.

November 15:  CBC Vancouver Human Resources Department, Christmas 1983 from Cathy Morrin
December 1:  Christmas TBA

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