"Pacific Report" 1989 Christmas Party from Dan Noon

The holiday season is upon us so we've been searching our photo stores for pictures associated with festive events from the past, and with a big "thank you" to Dan Noon, we have two pictures for our new Flashback from a "Pacific Report" Christmas party in 1989.

Dan Noon worked as a casual Stagehand with CBC Vancouver from 1971 to 1973 while attending BCIT and then joined staff as a Stagehand with upgrades to Production Assistant until 1976.  In that year he was brought back from Gibsons, B.C. where he has been assigned to The Beachcombers' series as a Production Assistant  to work The Wolfman Jack Show ("crazy times!!", notes Dan).  In the early '80's, Dan was often upgraded from P/A to Producer on Pacific Report.  He resigned from staff in the mid 1980's to become a contract Producer with Pacific Report and continued in that role until December 1990 when the drastic budget cuts handed CBC ended the series and resulted in a layoff for Dan.  He spent the 1990's working on a variety of corporate promo and safety/orientation videos for private clients and from 2000 to 2010, produced and directed stories and documentaries for an Aboriginal production company which supplied programs to APTN.  Now Dan reports that he is "currently enjoying life in paradise on Vancouver Island".

From 1989, here are Dan's great "Pacific Report" Christmas party photos:

Seated L-R:  Michael & Vera Moss (Supervising Technician-Film/ENG/EFP and Production Assistant respectively) and Paddy Moore (Pacific Report Producer).  In the foreground at right are Amanda Wade (Tony's wife) and Gundar Lipsberg (EFP Cameraman) who didn't quite make it into the frame.

Standing:  Terry Glecoff (Pacific Report Host) and his wife.

Greg Schofield (EFP Sound Technician) and Tony Wade (Pacific Report Executive Producer).  Seated just behind and between them is Jeannette Kopak (Senior Broadcast Materials Librarian).  A tradition at Pacific Report Christmas parties (an idea started by Paddy & Dawn Moore) was to have a "pass the present" gift exchange..."always inexpensive and often either took the present you had or took someone else's", says Dan.  At this party, Greg ended up with the Seahawks' pennant which Dan recalls was "actually a good present...I remember him being a football fan".

December 15:     CBC 25 Year Honourees at the CBC 20 Year Association Christmas Party 2005
January 1:           CBC Vancouver Cameramen  on a Winter Remote

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