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                                                                 MAY 2018


A newsletter from my office, updating you on what's ahead for CBC British Columbia.

The month of May is proving to be incredibly busy as we continue to push forward with our strategic priorities around content, community and culture.

I’m particularly excited about the launch of the Indigenous Junior J-School initiative in BC (see below), Edmonton’s Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation journalism pilot project, and Calgary's on-going and in-depth coverage of The Road Ahead.  These are three great examples of where our local strategy comes to life and intersects with all of our strategic priorities.

As part of our on-going commitment to build and refine our shared purpose as a leadership team, the SMD and the ME groups are meeting in Toronto on May 8th, 2018.  The agenda includes to further the articulation and alignment of our goals under each pillar of the Local Services Strategy, and to deepen our connection and effectiveness as a cohesive leadership team.

As some of you may be aware, Gary Cunliffe is set to “retire” in late June!  While we’ll have more on that in the weeks ahead, I wanted to let you know that we’ve started the search for his replacement. It is our hope to have the successful candidate in place by mid to late June.

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment to the communities that we serve!

And finally, we continue to take pride in celebrating employee service anniversary milestones and we are happy to mention the following people who have reached one of the milestone year marks during the months of March, April and May 2018.  We will celebrate this achievement in 2019.
15 Years:  Dan Getz, Claudie Levasseur, Benoit Ferradini
20 Years:  James Booth, Julie Landry, Monia Blanchet
25 Years:  Liz Hoath
30 Years:  Laura Lynch, Denis Grenier
Thank you from everyone at CBC !​

NEWS - Treena Wood
We're gearing up for a busy month in news here in Vancouver. Flooding is already happening in the southern interior, and with forest fire season just around the corner, we are working up a staffing and content plan. NJ, Shiral and I are concerned most with everyone's safety, so stay tuned for more on that. We're also coming to the end of a fiery sitting of the BC Legislature, with pipeline politics top of mind. A huge thank you to Justin McElroy who has been doing a fantastic job covering the ledge for us. As a reward - he gets to come home after the session is over!

Thanks to everyone who has gone through their PMSD conversation with either me, Karen, Franny, or Steve. We love hearing about your goals and how we can help you accomplish them. Don't forget to book follow-up meetings, because these are not one-time events - they are ongoing conversations.

Our new Senior Producer of Television Bhupinder Hundal starts on May 7th - I know you'll all do a fabulous job in welcoming him both to the role and to the CBC! I also want to take the opportunity to thank Joan Marshall, who has been steering the ship for the last few months. Joan, you've done an amazing job and are passing on a great show to Bhupinder.

And hot off the heels of our impressive RTDNA wins, the Websters are coming! The call for submissions is late May, for the period of June 1st 2017 - May 31st, 2018. 

PROGRAMMING - Shiral Tobin
On May 1st we launched our 3rd regional CBC Vancouver original podcast, SOLD!  It explores how foreign investment in real estate divides community, class and culture. We ask who can stay? It’s hosted by The Early Edition`s Stephen Quinn, Produced by Bal Brach, Laura Palmer, and Lee Rosevere with help from Matthew Parsons.

The week of May 7th: The Early Edition and news on all platforms will roll out a SOLD! series as we delve into the questions and stories that emerged during the podcast research.

Wednesday May 9th: Stephen Quinn will host a public forum in Richmond as we delve into the question: Is housing an investment or a human right?  The forum is in partnership with Fairchild radio and happens 7:30 - 9:00 pm BC-wide on CBC Radio One and in-person at Brighouse United Church located at 8151 Bennett Road, Richmond.

On May 7th, we will announce and launch our new CBC Radio One noon open line program and host

Sheryl MacKay & North by Northwest will run a series throughout the month of May and beyond called "The Raga Experience" featuring South Asian musicians in the lower mainland.

Anne Penman is working with Ideas to record the Wall Exchange Spring public lecture: Ali Velshi speaking on the Weaponizaton of Culture. It's at the Vogue Theatre on Wednesday May 16th, 2018

Jean Paektau is working on a doc for Unreserved, for a special show when they come to Victoria. We'll be featuring that as part of On the Island`s Victoria day provincial AM show.

CBC Victoria will take part in the Victoria Day parade. This year's theme is retro/decades past. So the CBC crew will be decked out in retro CBC T-shirts for the occasion.

The Debaters return to Victoria on Tuesday, May 29th, and in true Vancouver Island fashion the event is already almost sold out. Giveaways for staff will be happening in a couple weeks!

Congratulations to Jodie Martinson and Lee Rosevere whose network podcast Other People's Problems, featuring the therapy sessions of local metro Vancouverites, is number one on iTunes and has been for almost a week!

May 17th at Musqueam in Vancouver & May 29th in Prince George:  Indigenous Junior J-School is an opportunity for students to come and see if this line of work would be interesting for them to pursue and to make long-lasting connections with working journalists and programmers.  The idea came originally from Steve Sxwithul'txw, a former reporter and producer with CTV in Vancouver who now produces award-winning films and TV programs out of Victoria BC.  His workshop is designed to engage youth in a participatory way so they get the "feel" of what doing this kind of work entails and realize how important their perspective is.  Steve is partnering with the CBC who is committed to fulfilling the recommendations outlined in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission directed at media -- specifically to have more Indigenous reporters, producers, and managers at the public broadcaster.  National reporter and host Duncan McCue, Senior Producer at CBC Indigenous Stephanie Brown, and Columnist, host and reporter Angela Sterritt will attend to talk about their way into journalism and why they enjoy what they do.  We'll also have Pete Scobie as videographer and editor.  Angela will join Robert Doane and Chantelle Bellrichard for a second Junior J-School in Prince George. Thanks to Theresa Lalonde who is the event’s coordinating producer in Vancouver and to Chelsea Siler in communications.

We are busy promoting SOLD!, the new CBC Vancouver original podcast launching on May 1st! Watch for promo on TV, Radio and Online.

Doxa Documentary Festival is back and some lucky CBCers will be going to the festival as part of April’s Proud2B giveaway. Gloria Macarenko will be hosting opening night on May 3rd. The curated and juried festival is comprised of public screenings, panel discussions, public forums and educational programs.

And after much anticipation, the all new B.C. Almanac will be launching on May 7th. Tune into The Early Edition that morning to learn all about the exciting changes.

The ever popular CBC Junior J-School is back but with a reconciliation theme this year! CBC B.C. is hitting the road and bringing Junior J-school to Indigenous students in Vancouver and Prince George on May 17th and 29th. In addition to hands-on training, students will have the opportunity to hear and learn from CBC reporters, producers, and videographers such as Duncan McCue, Angela Sterritt, Stephanie Brown and Robert Doane.

Last but certainly not least, on May 27th, the CBC Vancouver atrium and Studio 700 will be transformed to host the first ever, CBC Science Fair!  After a very busy submission period, where we received over 100 entries from across the province, the top 30 entries from have been selected! Johanna Wagstaffe, Bob McDonald, a Science Fair Foundation alumni and a representative from Science World make up the judging panel for this prestigious event. The Science Fair is open to the public, so swing by and check out the creative projects and find out who wins top prize.

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