Devion's Views #238



Protagonist #1: Rookie Emperor/King 'Crazy Pants'; paranoid, vain, delusional, serial liar and self proclaimed "smartest man in the world".

Protagonist #2" Supreme-Dictator 'Big Daddy Xi'; intelligent, inscrutable, experienced, cunning, clever and ruthless.

The Pawn: Justin the Fair of 'Sunny Ways'.

The Protagonists' Goal: World domination.

The Saga begins...when the Americans and Chinese are mired in a no-holds-barred trade negotiation.

To gain the advantage over his opponent, 'Crazy Pants' sets in motion a complex plan that ultimately places the leader of 'The Great White North' between a BIG rock and a BIG hard place.

"And let me speak to the yet unknowing world

How these things came about. So shall you hear

Of carnal, bloody, and unnatural acts,

Of accidental judgements, casual slaughters,

Of deaths put on by cunning and forced cause,

And, in this upshot, purposes mistook

Fall'n on the inventors heads." - HAMLET

Following are monsieur Ronald's 'Coles Notes' version for anyone who hasn't been paying attention to the ongoing saga...

November 30, 2018: The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) receive a notice from the FBI requesting a Chinese citizen, Ms. Meng Wanzhou, be detained by Canadian officials upon arrival at the Vancouver International Airport. Her flight is scheduled to arrive the next day. She is en route to Mexico from Hong Kong without intent to enter Canada.

December 1, 2018: To what has the appearance of sheepish compliance, Canada Border Services officers detain Meng as she enters the 'transit area/zone' of the airport. They question her for three hours while awaiting the arrival of FBI agents.

When the FBI arrive, the RCMP arrest Ms. Meng for fraud and conspiracy pursuant to the extradition treaty between Canada and the U.S.. Thus setting in motion the plan devised by 'Crazy Pants' and his handmaidens.

NB: In the event you've been living in a monastery of late, Meng Wanzhou, is the daughter of Huawei founder, Ren Zhengfei. Huawei is a Chinese multinational technology company headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong. Her formal title is Deputy chair and CEO of Huawei. Father and daughter are extra-extra close with 'Big Daddy Xi'.

From December 7 to 11, 2018: Meng and her legal team attend a bail hearing in Vancouver. She gets released with conditions + $10 million bail + required to surrender her passport. Turns out she possesses eight passports; the type normally issued only to employees of the Chinese government. The plot thickens.

For the duration of the interminable legal processes, she is "incarcerated" in a Canadian style Gulag; a $14-million dollar Vancouver mansion she just happens to own. Welcome to Canada Ms Meng. And please let our authorities know if there is anything else we can do to make your temporary stay in our great country any more comfortable.

Retaliation by China is swift, but surprisingly not against 'Crazy Pants'.

'Big Daddy' wisely does not risk provoking the unstable, unpredictable rookie-dictator, who just might be willing to start WWIII rather than show weakness to an adversary.

He cleverly targets a more vulnerable, manipulable pawn, Justin the Fair of 'Sunny Ways'. Thus begins the squeeze play...on Canada.

Immediately following Meng's arrest, in an act of brazen diplomatic hostage-taking, the People's Republic of China arrest Canadians Michael Kovrig and Micheal Spavor, charge both with espionage and lock them up.

Unlike the treatment shown Ms. Meng, they are incarcerated in a Chinese hellhole.

As Meng's Vancouver extradition proceedings grind on (now into August 2021) 'Big Daddy' tightens the screws on his powerless pawn, who, to date, receives little noticeable help from Trump's replacement, 'Uncle Joe':

BING: A quickie sham-trial for Michael Spavor. Sentence, 11-years in a Chinese slammer.

BANG: Michael Kovrig awaits his quickie sham-trial and sentence.

BOOM: Serving time for drug trafficking, Canadian Robert Schellenberg, is retried and sentenced to death.

Going on three years, the kidnapped Michaels' have suffered physical and psychological torture at the hands of a brutal dictatorship that ignores the rule of law.

"Big Daddy's" recent escalating actions against Canadian citizens signal he's prepared to negotiate an exchange - Meng for the Michaels' - providing the exchange takes place BEFORE the B.C. judge makes her decision on whether or not to extradite Meng Wanzhou. Otherwise, 'Big Daddy Xi' will undoubtedly order something more ruthless.

                                                    SERIOUS QUESTIONS

1) Does Justin have the gonads to go 'mano-a-mano' with 'Big Daddy Xi' in a deadly game of geopolitical chicken?

2) Is 'Sunny Ways' cleverly waiting to make a deal with 'Big Daddy' during the upcoming election campaign and thereby cement a majority victory for the Liberals? Or is he much too young to remember what happened to Jimmy Carter in the Iran hostage crisis?

3) Is the PM prepared to stick to his position that China must respect Canadian extradition treaties and allow our courts to decide the fate of Ms. Meng?

4) In five months time, hundreds of Canadians will arrive in Beijing, China to attend the Winter Olympics that start February 4, 2022.

If Meng is extradited to the United States by Canada to face American justice, is there any doubt this ruthless dictator will take more Canadians hostage even when the whole world is watching on television.

Is the Prime Minister of Canada prepared to take that risk?

5) Is the Canadian Olympic Committee prepared to boycott the Beijing Winter Games if the Michaels' are still in a Chinese hellhole?

"Never take a knife to a gun fight" - Sean Connery in "The Untouchables" - 1987.

Stay tuned.

Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory