Devion's Views #236



In 1819, American author, Washington Irving, published a short story about an amiable farmer and his wife (Dutch-Americans) who live in a village at the foot of New York's Catskill Mountains.

Like many colonials, they are loyal subjects of King George III.

Every day the wife nags her henpecked husband about his laziness. It's driving him crazy.

To get away from his wife's constant nagging, he wanders off into the mountains with his dog Wolf.

There he meets a mysterious stranger with a long beard wearing antiquated Dutch clothing and carrying a keg. He asks the farmer for help carrying the heavy keg filled with liquid.

They arrive at a hollow where a group of dwarfs are playing a game and drinking liquor.

The farmer is offered a drink of the liquor as thanks for helping carry the keg.

He soon falls asleep...for twenty years...missing the American Revolutionary War and everything else that has happened in America over two decades.

When Rip Van Winkle wakes up, he's an old man; alone, in a country no longer ruled by a British King; confused, bewildered and scared.

The message of Washington Irving's tale: Rip Van Winkle's (normal) world changed...gone, forever.

                                          THE REALITY OF EVERYTHING (NORMAL) CHANGING

Unlike in the story, humanity's nightmare happened over a much shorter span of time and we weren't asleep.

Governments and medical experts promoted measures for collective protection, in a crisis so dire that it prompted unprecedented cooperation that resulted in historic rapid vaccine development to control a killer virus.

Much of humanity went into voluntary isolation. Virtual contact became normal.

As vaccines are injected into millions of arms while humanity keeps a wary eye on the new threats, Delta and Lambda COVID-19 variants, we are encouraged by those in authority to slowly emerge from our "caves" and individually left to ponder, like Rip Van Winkle, "how much of my (normal) world has changed...gone, forever.

Worth considering: The pandemic crisis prompted unprecedented cooperation amongst nations. This should give us all hope that it could happen again, this time to save the planet.

                                                              IT'S CHRISTMAS IN JULY

No, monsieur Ronald, is not experiencing another senior's moment.

Yes, monsieur appreciates Christmas is still six months away.

And, he also knows the next federal election is scheduled for the Fall of 2023.

But, if you're a cynic like Ronnie, it's been impossible not to notice...

Just in time for Canada Day, 'Justin the Fair of Sunny Ways' emerged from his Rideau Cottage "cave" sporting a pre-pandemic look.

Discarded is the pandemic 'Rasputin-Greybeard' look, replaced by the 'Sexy-Dude' look.

Take note: The new haircut. The return of the more adorable 'curly-cue' dangling strategicly onto the high forehead. The handsome smiling visage.

No more 'PM Gloom and Doom Grimm-Pants'. Welcome to..."Happy Days Are Here Again".

PM new-look utters another bilingual mensonge that provides the first clue about what is really afoot:

"The Liberals do not want an election in the middle of our mandate and during an ongoing crisis. I'm looking forward to spending the summer break with my family. Bonjour a tous."


Not really, the game is on...full throttle.

Like being shot out of a cannon 'Sunny Ways' jets away in all directions - from sea, to sea, to sea - offering all and sundry a truck load of unaffordable Christmas bonbons.

Summer-Santa will be especially generous and pay special attention to folks in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia...this year.

Want a high-speed train? No problem, vote for us.

Want affordable child care? No problem, vote for us.

Want millions to retrofit your steel plant? No problem, vote for us.

Want a bailout, a handout, an interest-free loan? No problem, vote for us.

Want a sky-train? No problem, vote for us.

Girls and boys, all you have to do is tell Summer-Santa what you want. No problem, vote for us.

QUESTION: "Prime Minister, how are we going to pay for all of your election promises on top of the already out-of-control debt and deficit? Aren't we broke?"

ANSWER: Deafening silence.

Frankly, the Liberals don't actually give a damn about that stuff. It's not top of mind. What they only see is a political opportunity to win a majority now, in the Fall of 2021. They appear prepared to hang onto power even if they have to bankrupt the country to get it.

Monsieur, what kind of a political party would do something irresponsible like that?

All of them given the chance!

Liberal polling tells them they can win big. The Blue Party leader has no traction with the public. The Orange Party leader will support the Red Party when it serves his agenda. The Green Party leader is about to get turfed. The Separatist Party leader will continue to demand/blackmail them all to ensure Quebec gets what it wants.

Political Quiz du Jour (explains a lot): Since Lester B. Pearson, how many prime ministers are not from Quebec? Name them? 

For the Liberal Party it's a simple crass political decision, Carpe Diem! Seize the day, seize the opportunity and screw the consequences.

                                           FINALLY, MONSIEUR RONALD'S, THOUGHTS DU JOUR

"Once you reach a certain age you become permanently unimpressed by a lot of shit."

"Some 20-something smart-ass invented a senior's GPS. It not only tells you how to get to your destination, it tells you why you wanted to get there."

Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory