Devion's Views #195

RING AROUND THE ROSIE TIME...AGAIN? (posted Oct. 16, 2019)

The origins of the popular 'Ring Around the Rosie" nursery rhyme dates back to medieval Europe. Some scholars and folklorists saw similarities between the rhyme's cryptic lyrics and the circumstances surrounding the deadly plague that swept across Europe and killed millions of people. They posited the "Ring" referred to a circle, the red circular rash common in some forms of the plague.

Modern folklorists call the plague-origin theory "metafolklore" because it is essentially folklore about folklore.

Fascinating positing nevertheless.

The simplicity of the circle - a set of points on a plane that are all the same distance from another point called the centre - has endlessly fascinated humans.

From the sun, moon and planets, to the eyes that give us sight, the circle is everywhere in the natural world and stamped everywhere in the human-made world.

The first circular inscriptions have been dated to about 40,000 years ago, when ancient humans carved circular marks called petroglyphs into rock.

Do you remember that so-long-ago final math exam when you looked down and saw the question that made your mind go blank - 'What's the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter?' The fear that caused your brain to freeze. The voice in your head repeating "you know this, you know this; just calm down, relax and think, Ronnie, think".

And suddenly the answer flashed across your mind's eye - the one mathematical constant most non-geeks know as "Pi"; 3.14159265358979 - an irrational number (i.e. it cannot be exactly expressed as a fraction or ratio) - so the digital sequence never ends or repeats itself.

Monsieur Ronald, you are joshing us again, right? You're suggesting there exists a digital sequence that never ends or repeats itself...impossible!

Josh you - never...except in jest.

Is "Pi", therefore, a word that represents infinity?

Yep. And now it has finally been "proven" a mathematical fact.

It took until the 20th and 21st centuries before mathematicians and computer scientists, using combined increased computational power, to be able to extend the decimal representations to many trillions of digits after the decimal point and provide proof-positive that "Pi" does in fact mean "infinite".

That is impressive indeed.

Yes, because proving a proof is really, really difficult, n'est-ce-pas. Remember back in 2002 when Prime Minister, Jean Chretien, attempted to elucidate the citizenry on the meaning of the word "proof" with the following:

"A proof is a proof. What kind of proof? It's a proof. A proof is a proof. And when you have a good proof, it's because it's proven".

And who would dare challenge the word of a legend whose explanations of complex issues, in either official language, regularly left listeners in a state of total befuddlement.

Did you know that the English word "encyclopedia" literally means a "circle of learning" and was originally used to indicate a well-rounded education?

And any "well-rounded education" worth being called "encyclopedic" always includes "life lessons" that every kid eventually learns the hard way.

For example: Despite being warned what will happen if you stick your tongue on a metal fence in the middle of a prairie winter or run around in circles too many times, every kid will do it anyway, at least once.

Similarly, leaders who because of hubris, choose to ignore advice from experienced professionals who surround them, will cause unpredictable chaos and confusion with dire consequences.

Hmm...who might monsieur Ronald be thinking of?

Clue #1: He's narcissistic, addicted to lying about things large and small (including his finances) bullying and silencing those who could expose them; his detachment from reality, including denying things he said even when there is video evidence to the contrary; his affinity for conspiracy theories; his demand for total loyalty from others while showing none to others; and his self-aggrandizement and petty cheating.

Clue #2: His impulsiveness and vindictiveness; his craving for adulation; his misogyny, predatory sexual behaviour and sexualization of his daughters; his open admiration for brutal dictators; his remorselessness and his lack of empathy or sympathy, including attacking a family whose son died while fighting for his country, mocking a reporter with a disability, ridiculing a POW, etc., etc..

Unless you've been living in a cave or monestary for the past four years, there's only one "self-proclaimed" stable-genius matching the aformentioned profile.

A man whose psychological impairments are obvious to all who are not willfully blind.

What is a stable-genius anyway?

Stable - means a person who is sane and sensible; not easily upset or disturbed.

Genius - means a person who has exceptional intellectural ability; exceptionally intelligent, creative, very clever and ingenious.

Attorney George Conway is the husband of the Emperor-King's loyalist counsellor Kellyanne Conway. He recently announced "you don't need to be a mental-health professional to see that something's seriously off with Trump." George labeled Trump unfit for office and supports his impeachment.

The "stable-genius" reacted immediately to the criticism in a tweet by describing George Conway "a stone cold LOSER & husband from hell".

This prompted knowing smiles from Ivana, Maria and Melania. The tweet had accurately described "their" husband.

60,000 mental health professionals have diagnosed Emperor 'Crazy Pants" with a type of insanity that is often compared to an alcoholic's lack of honesty and impulse control.

The psychiatric community has declared the "American El Duce" suffers from "Malignant Narcissism".

Psychologists say that his condition is a combination of mental disorders that cause one to distort reality and make violent, impulsive decisions.

This is the first time in history that so many mental health professionals have collectively diagnosed a living individual. Their conclusion, the current US president is too mentally disturbed to fulfill his office.

Someone with "Malignant Narcissism" is likely to get people killed, and psychologists who know this feel morally obligated to speak up.

Just in the past week...following a phone call with Turkish President Erdogan, the mad Emperor-King ordered the pullout of US troops from Syria.

This impulsive decision caused an easy-to-foresee chain reaction of disaster so egregious, even many of his most loyal Republican backers were appalled.

Those who benefit from the slaughter of America's Kurdish allies in Syria are Russia, the Assad regime, Erdogan and will bring ISIS back to life in the region.

Trump's betrayal and abandonment of the Kurds now also belongs to Republicans who stubbornly continue to back him. How many more lives have to be sacrificed before they act to remove the madman.

The office is too powerful and the consequences are too dangerous, to allow a person to become president who views morality only through the prism of whether an action advances his own narrow interests, his own distorted desires, his own twisted impulses. When an individual comes to believe his interests and those of the nation he leads are one and the same, it opens the door to all sorts of moral and constitutional devilry.

Donald J. Trump - "Anyone who wants to assist Syria in protecting the Kurds is good with me, whether it is Russia, China, or Napoleon Bonaparte. I hope they all do great, we are 7000 miles away."

Napoleon Bonaparte - "The fool has one great advantage over a man of sense: he is always satisfied with himself."

Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory