Devion's Views # 135


Once upon a time, a group of old guys were sitting around their favourite gathering place, complaining about life.

They agreed life was harsh on all but a very few.

The masses were caught in a cycle of war without resolve, followed by famine, plague and pestilence.

A repetitive, unforgiving hamster wheel that only brought the people despair.

Only the priviledged few escaped unscathed.

The old guys agreed they had to do something. But what?

The oldest, and considered wisest, had been quietly listening to the others state the obvious, suddenly spoke "Gentlemen, there is nothing we can do about what happened in the past. The important thing is to make our people believe there is hope. I propose we write a story. A collective version of what we think happened, why everything got so screwed up and determine who is to blame."

Their work took years of debate and compromise to eventually come up with the tale:

A supreme being took six days to create the Earth and all its creatures, then rested on the seventh. This might explain why there are seven days in a week, right?

The old guys, being guys, naturally concluded the supreme was a male being. This explains why all the paintings and renderings of HIM depict an old guy in a white robe, right?

Supreme first created a male called, Adam.

Then removed one of Adam's ribs to create a female, Eve.

Eureka. They had their villain.

They posited it was the female, of course, that caused all of humanities troubles since the beginning of time, because it was she, and not he, who took a bite out of the forbidden apple. This explains why the Apple logo has a bite of the apple, right?

A myth was born, created by old men who made up a fantasy and sold it as religious dogma.

Thus enabling discrimination towards women. From then on, men cast "the villain" as their chattel, perpetuated to this day by powerful men.

NB #1: Had women written the story; it would not have taken six days, nor would it have required a rest day and the outcome would have turned out much better.for humankind.

Most contemporary folks believe in science that explains it all started with the Big Bang and evolved over time to what exists today i.e., "Everything in the Universe is made of stardust."

                                             WHEN EVOLUTION GOES AWRY

                                    The Dopplegangers' - Mickey and Crazy Pants

Zealots, like the Emperor-in-Waiting, born again, hard-line evangelical, Mickey the Pence, admitted his religious beliefs is the reason the VP never eats alone with a woman, other than his wife, and won't attend events featuring alcohol without her by his side.

What is Mickey more afraid of?:

Women in general?

Mrs. P?

Controlling his urges?

The Supreme is a woman?

Scientific facts?

All of the above?

It wouldn't matter to anyone, except for the fact he is only a heartbeat away from becoming the most powerful man on the planet.

By contrast, Mickey's boss is a boastful, serial groper/molester who can't keep his grubby little hands off women.

Whereas, Mickey and his Mrs. will never allow himself to be in a room alone with any woman.

On the other hand, the First Lady will not allow herself to be in any room with Crazy Pants, unless accompanied by at least a half dozen Secret Service agents to protect her.

Despite everything her husband has admitted doing, said and done in the past, he gets elected President; exposing a fundamental flaw with America's moral compass.

Emperor Crazy Pants doesn't believe in much of anything, other than what he is good at; stuffing money into the pockets of the 1% and lying.

He only listens to the voices in his head and the wild whisperings of the Grimm Reaper, Stevie Bananas, who need to constantlly repeat he is supreme...almost. 

At the first stop of his recent Asian tour, Aloha State residents greeted him with signs proclaiming "Welcome to Kenya, Mr. President". The subtlety of the message was beyond his grasp.

Amongst the avalanche of revelations of sexual abuse by powerful men, is none other than Senate GOP candidate for the seat vacated by Jeff Sessions, twice removed Alabama Supreme Court judge, accused pedophile, KKK defender, gun-toting, religious zealot and sleaze extraordinaire, Roy Moore.

Regardless of this stunning rap sheet, it's predicted Moore will win. Only in Alabama? Only in America?

NB #2: As always, the only way to nail these creeps is to follow the money e.g., "The Paradise Papers".

                                   MEANWHILE IN THE GREAT WHITE NORTH

"Why do men like intelligent women? Because opposites attract."

Our new Governor General, Her Excellency the Right Honourable, Julie Payette, qualifies.

Ms. Payette is a business woman, former astronaut, engineer, pilot, musician, singer, athlete, speaks six languages and known to speak her mind, i.e., an intelligent woman.

This became evident when she spoke to the Canadian Science and Policy Conference in Ottawa. She spoke about her "belief in the central role of scientific literacy in order to make informed decisions based on data, evidence and facts that can be corroborated by other people everywhere on the planet so that we can all feel responsible for the world we live in".

"Can you believe that still today, in learned societies and houses of government, unfortunately, we're still debating and still questioning whether humans have a role in the Earth warming up or whether the Earth is warming up, period?"

When she asked "Can you believe we are still debating and still questioning whether life was a divine intervention or whether it was coming out of a natural process, a random process", criticism erupted for "slighting the beliefs of the religious" from those who believe the earth is 6000 years old vs the Big Bang scientific explanation.

The new U.S. ambassador to Canada, Kelly Craft, appointed by Crazy Pants, weighed into the debate saying she "believes in both sides", proving she can square a circle.

Be thankful that on our side of the border, the Commander-in-Chief of the military is an intelligent woman prepared to speak her mind.

Keep it up, Julie, powerful men need to hear and pay attention to your wisdom.

Ron Devion, No Guts, No Glory