In Memoriam Archives


A number of our CBC colleagues have passed away in the last twelve months. The roll call tells you who we have lost and when, to the best of our knowledge, and supplies information concerning their CBC career.

LYNDA RAULICK, retired CBC Toronto Network Morning Show Director/Assistant Director, various departments, passed away on July 10, 2019.

ING WONG WARD, Journalist/Television & Radio Producer, CBC Toronto, passed away on July 6, 2019.  Ing was 46 years old.

ELIE SAVOIE, retired Producer/Director/Executive Producer/TV Program Director/Program Development Manager with CBC Vancouver; TV Program Director with CBC Regina; Director of Television with CBC Windsor. passed away on June 28, 2019.  Elie was 84 years of age.

HUGH BARR,  retired CBC Ottawa Technical Producer TV/Head of Special Projects, Head Office Ottawa, passed away on June 20, 2019.  Hugh passed away just three days before his 87th birthday.

STERLING GOSMAN,  retired Technician, CBC Fredericton, New Brunswick, passed away on June 13, 2019.  Sterline was 74 years of age.

ROBERT DESROSIERS, retired from Human Resources, Industrial Relations, CBC Ottawa Area, passed away on June 10, 2019 at age 87.

GERRY KING, retired CBC Toronto Production Sound Mixer, passed away on June 8, 2019 in Victoria, B.C.  Gerry was 88 years old.

EILEEN FRANKE, retired CBC Vancouver  Radio Canada International Producer/Former Prgm Host, CBC Affiliate CHCT-TV Calgary/Production Assistant, CTV Affiliate  CFCG-TV Montreal/CBC Radio Montreal and Toronto with Radio Canada International, passed away on June 6, 2019. Eileen was 89 years of age.

DOUG McILRAITH, retired CBC Edmonton/Winnipeg Radio and Television Announcer/Sports Broadcaster/Program Host, passed away on June 6, 2019.  Doug was 83 years of age.

GERALD "JERRY" MacDONALD, retired Editor, National TV Newsroom - Toronto, passed away on June 3, 2019 at age 82.  Jerry also served for many years with the CWSG (Canadian Wire Services Guild) Union. 

ANGUS DALRYMPLE, retired CBC Toronto News Editor who continued working in the Newsroom after retirement until well into his 80s, passed away on May 20, 2019.  Angus was 91 years of age.

GUY BOUGIE, brother of Suzie Bougie (Assistant Co-Ordinator, CBC Pensioners' National Association office in Ottawa), passed away On May 16, 2019 at age 64.

CHARLES "BUD" NEALE, with CBC Halifax in his early career and retired CBC Ottawa Senior Film Editor-in-Charge, passed away on May 14, 2019 at age 88.

GILBERT LOUTHOOD, retired from CBC Ottawa M.I.S. Department, passed away on May 14, 2019.  Gilbert was 81 years old.

BOB HACKBORN, retired CBC Toronto Production Designer, passed away on May 13, 2019.  Bob was 90 years of age.

MAURICE FOISY, former CBC Sydney and Halifax Host (1950s) and Vancouver (CBUT) Host in the 1960s, passed away on May 10, 2019.  Maurice was 86 years old.

ARTHUR BARRETT, retired Regional Manager of Administrative Services, CBC Newfoundland and Labrador Region, passed away on May 9, 2019.  Arthur was 95 years of age.

BRUCE FLETCHER, retired CBC Vancouver TV Lighting Technician, passed away suddenly from a heart attack on May 6, 2019 at age 68.

ORLO McCLINTOCK, retired CBC Edmonton VTR Editor, passed away on May 3, 2019.  Orlo was 87 years of age.

ZELLA VERMEULEN, retired CBC Winnipeg Film Library staffer and Film Procurement Officer, passed away on April 30, 2019.  Zella was 91 years old.

PAT GRAHAM, retired Production Assistant Radio Northern Services, CBC Ottawa, passed away on April 28, 2019.  Pat was 88 years of age.

GEORGINA ZADAK, former CBC Vancouver TV Script Assistant (late 1970s/early 1980s), passed away on April 6, 2019, the day following her 74th birthday.

TERRY HARGREAVES, Radio/TV Reporter and CBC's first Parliamentary Bureau Chief (Ottawa), passed away on April 4, 2019.  Terry was 82 years of age.

PAUL FRASER QC, former CBC News Reader/Member of the CBC Board of Directors, passed away on March 29, 2019.  Paul was 78 years of age.

ELAINE SIDWELL, widow of Ferg Sidwell (CBWT Pioneer and Manager with CBC Calgary, Moose Jaw and Regina) and mother of Gregg Sidwell (retired CBC Victoria Video Journalist), passed away on March 26, 2019.  Elaine was 93 years of age.

MOIRA NIXON, widow of CBC Winnipeg Journalist Herb Nixon and mother of retired CBC Toronto/Iqaluit/Regina/Winnipg/Vancouver Journalist Bob Nixon, passed away on March 23, 2019.  Moira was 88 years old.

PAMELA BERTON, former CBC Toronto Researcher with the "Ombudsman" Program (1970s), passed away on March 17, 2019 at 68 years of age.

HERBERT LAJEUNESSE, Buyer, Local Service, Head Office Ottawa, passed away on March 14, 2019.  Herbert was 80 years of age.

HENRI DESLAURIERS, retired CBC Radio-Canada  (Ottawa) Audio Technician, passed away on March 8, 2019.  Henri was 69 years old.

PATRICK LANE, poet and novelist, passed away on March 7, 2019.  Patrick was 79 years old.

INEZ MAY MATHEWS, Singer (Coloratura Soprano) with CBC Radio Concert Hall circa 1940s, passed away on March 4, 2019.  Inez was 96 years old.

BILL MAYES, former CBC Saskatoon TV Maintenance Technician, passed away on March 4, 2019.  He was 73 years of age.

DAVID SMITH, Editor, The National, CBC Toronto, passed away on March 1, 2019 at age 57.

SANDRA FAIRE, TV Producer with CTV, CBC Network (Toronto) and The Comedy Network, and wife of Ivan Fecan, passed away on February 27, 2019.

BETTY PHILLIPS HAWORTH, former CBC Vancouver Singer/Actress and Widow of Writer/Actor Peter Haworth, passed away on February 22, 2019.  Betty was 95 years of age.

PETER MacNEIL, retired Cameraman/Technical Producer/Technical Director, CBC Halifax/Maritimes, passed away on February 20, 2019.  Peter was 88 years old.

LORENNA DIONNE PLIMER, retired CBC Ottawa French National News Producer, passed away on February 19, 2019 at age 82.

ROMA ASSELIN, retired Corporate Real Estate Agent, CBC Engineering, Head Office Ottawa, passed away on February 18, 2019.  Roma was 86 years old.

TONI MYERS, former CBC Toronto Assistant Editor and Independent Documentary Producer/Director/Editor, passed away on February 18, 2019. Toni was 75 years of age.

JEAN BRAZEAU, CBC Ottawa Operations Centre Supervisor, passed away on February 15, 2019 at age 62.

URSULA PAULINE (nee HILLS) THOMAS, CBC Solo Pianist and Accompanist and "Paulie" on CBC School Broadcasts, passed away on February 11, 2019.  She was 98 years old.

LOUIS de NIVERVILLE, former CBC Toronto Graphic Designer, passed away on February 11, 2019.  Louis was 85 years of age.

JOE SCHLESINGER, Journalist and Author, passed away on February 11, 2019 at age 90.

LAURIE MILLS, CBC Calgary Announcer/Producer/Host, passed away on February 2, 2019.  He was 80 years old.

MARY McFARLAND (Wife of Ian McFarland, retired CBC Broadcaster/Host-Writer of Radio-Canada International's English Language Service), passed away on February 2, 2019.  Mary was 83 years of age.

PATRICK (PAT) FORD, Unit Manager, CBC TV Sports, Toronto, passed away on January 31, 2019.  Pat was 94 years of age. 

BOB PICKEN, CBC Winnipeg Sportscasting Legend, passed away on January 30, 2019 at age 86.

BILL LYTWYN,  retired CBC ENG Cameraman, passed away on January 28, 2019.  Bill was 69 years old.

RON EVANDEN, retired CBC Toronto Lighting Director, passed away on January 23, 2019.  Ron was 90 years of age.

TOM HOUSTON, retired CBC Montreal EHQ Technician/CBC Vancouver Senior Maintenance Technician, passed away on January 22, 2019 on board his sailboat "Toroa" in Mazatlan, Mexico.  Tom was 85 years old.

SUZANNE MESS, retired CBC Toronto Costume Designer, passed away on January 22, 2019 at 91 years of age. 

MARV TERHOCH, former Head of CBC Network Television Variety and  Winnipeg Director of Television/Regional Director/E.P. "24 Hours", passed away on January 19, 2019.  Marv was 71 years old.

ANN ZAZA, former CBC Toronto Writer/Producer/Editor, passed away on January 13, 2019.  Ann was 64 years old.

NEIL CRORY, former CBC Toronto Senior Radio Music Producer, passed away on January 13, 2019.  Neil was 69 years of age.

VERN GLASS, retired Co-Ordinating Producer, CBC Winnipeg, passed away on January 9, 2019.  Vern was 93 years old.

LEN CHAPPLE, former CBC Vancouver Radio and Television Producer/Executive Producer, passed away on January 2, 2019.  Len was one month shy of his 97th birthday.

MARGARET (MARG) JESSUP, widow of former CBC British Columbia Public Relations Manager Reg Jessup (died May 20, 2006), passed away on December 25, 2018.  Marg was 102 years old.

ROBERT PATRY, former CBC Toronto Radio Segment Producer/Association Producer, passed away on December 23, 2018.  Robert was 58 years of age.

CINDY PACKER, wife of former CBC Vancouver Radio 3 Manager Mike Packer, passed away on December 18, 2018.

JEANNETTE TOUCHETTE WALSH, retired from CBC Ottawa Film Department, passed away on December 16, 2018.  Jeannette was 95 years of age.

PENNY PARK,  former Reporter CBC New Brunswick/CBC Northern Ontario and CBC Toronto Network Radio Producer/Senior Producer "Quirks & Quarks", passed away on December 14, 2018 at age 65.

BOB SERVICE, CBC Vancouver TV Production Manager/Director of Television; CBC Toronto Plant Manager/Manager,TV Network Operations, passed away on December 7, 2018.  Bob was 84 years of age.

HELEN FRAYNE (nee SAWATZKY), formerly with CBO Ottawa Radio Morning and Radio Noon, passed away on December 3, 2018. Helen was 91 years old.

ROSS McCAW, retired CBC Toronto Senior MCR Technician, TV Technical Services, passed away on December 2, 2018.  Ross was 80 years of age.

PETER MEGGS, former National Director of English Radio/ Vice-President of Audience Relations, H.O./Program Host and Writer, passed away on December 2, 2018 at age 93.

BARBARA HORTON (nee DAVIES), former CBC Toronto Secretary, passed away on November 26, 2018.

ALEX JUPP, former Writer/Producer/Host with CBC Regina Television during its inaugural years, passed away on November 23, 2018.  Alex was 91 years of age.

MILAN (MILO) CHVOSTEK, CBC Toronto Producer, "Nature of Things" in the 1970s, passed away on November 8, 2018.  Milo was 86 years old.

JEFFREY EDWARD FRY,  formerly with CBC Toronto Newsroom (1960s), passed away on November 6, 2018.  Jeff was 92 years of age.

MYRTLE FOWER GALLUP, former CBC Montreal "Radio Noon" Contributor, recently passed away at age 97.

MARY ADAMS, widow of Dave Adams (Retired CBC Edmonton News Director and Member CBC Host Broadcaster Team, 1994 Victoria Commonwealth Games), passed away on October 30, 2018.  Mary was 99 years old.

DON S. WILLIAMS, Producer/Director/Actor/Choreographer/Writer - CBC Winnipeg/Vancouver and Freelancer - passed away on October 28, 2018.  Don was 80 years of age.

DAN TOHILL, former CBC Vancouver Key Grip "Beachcombers"/Production Assistant - Studio/Assistant Director, passed away on October 27, 2018.

ALAN "RAFFLES" RAPHAEL, field hockey Commentator for CBC during the 1976 Montreal Olympics, passed away on October 22, 2018.  Alan was 86 years old.

ROY LUCKOW, retired CBC Vancouver Cameraman/Director of Photography, passed away on October 13, 2018 at age 90.

BOB GILCHRIST, retired CBC Toronto ENG Editor, passed away suddenly after suffering a heart attack on October 7, 2018.  Bob was 79 years of age.

ELIZABETH (BETH) HALE, retired CBC Toronto Administrative Supervisor of Design Administration, passed away on October 4, 2018. Beth was also the very efficient Secretary of the CBC PNA Ontario Region from 2000-2002.

DREW SCHEMENAUER, CBC British Columbia Senior Remote Area Transmitter Technologist, Prince George, passed away on September 25, 2018 at age 59.

BILL COWARD, retired CBC Winnipeg Radio Master Control Technician, passed away suddenly on September 18, 2018.  Bill was 72 years old.

KARL SCHERER, former CBC Toronto Sound Technician (1960s), passed away on September 16, 2018 at age 87.

IRENE PERSOAGE, retired from CBC Winnipeg Radio Program/Production, passed away on September 11, 2018. 

ED MARSHALL, retired CBC Toronto Recording Engineer and Founder of Marshall Arts Productions, passed away on September 8, 2018 at 73 years of age.

VINCENT LABELLE, son of retired CBC Ottawa Technician Pierre Labelle and wife Sylvie, passed away on September 7, 2018 in a head-on collision on Highway 50 in Eastern Canada.

RAY TOKAR, retired CBC Winnipeg Video and Audio Technician, passed away on August 31, 2018.  Ray was 77 years of age.

LES WARDROP, retired CBC Toronto Booth Technician, passed away on August 29, 2018. 

WALTER UNGER, retired CBC Winnipeg/Ottawa/Toronto Announcer/Reporter/Producer/Executive Producer/Senior Network Manager, passed away on August 25, 2018 at age 81.

DON GOODWIN, former CBC Halifax Broadcaster and CBC Head of Network Sports; Co-Founder Sports Media Canada, passed away on August 21, 2018.  Don was 88 years old.

PAULINE LANDSBERG, CBC Saskatchewan Executive Assistant, passed away on August 20, 2018 at age 58.

BILL WHITE, retired CBC Alberta Radio Technician/manager/CBC Saskatchewan and Ottawa Regional Director/Head Office V.P. of Finance, passed away on August 15, 2018.  Bill was 85 years of age.

CONNIE MUNRO,  widow of CBC Vancouver Announcer/Program Director (1940s-1950s), Director of English Network TV/Director of News & Public Affairs, CBC Toronto (1960s-1970s), passed away on August 4, 2018.  Connie was 95 years of age.

WAYNE CRAIG, CBC Calgary Stagehand and Production Assistant, passed away on August 4, 2018.  Craig was 60 years old.

SHEILA SKELLEY, retired CBC Ottawa/London, England Overseas and Foreign Relations Officer; previously Public Affairs P/A, Vancouver; Ass't.BBC Rep, Toronto; Program Organizer, Washington; Liaison Officer for Foreign Broadcasters, IBC-Expo 67, passed away on August 4, 2018.  Sheila was 88 years of age.

CHUCK HUBBARD, retired Senior Lighting Technician, CBC Ottawa, passed away on August 2, 2018.  Chuck was 93 years old.

FRED HEILAND, retired CBC Winnipeg Radio Technicianm passed away on July 28, 2018 at age 88. 

NORM COWAN, retired CBC Manitoba Regional Public Relations Manager, Winnipeg, passed away on July 19, 2018.  Norm was 92 years of age.

NICKI BALCH,  former CBC Toronto Makeup Artist, passed away on July 11, 2018 at age 96. 

BOB ULMER, retired CBC Edmonton Radio Recording Engineer, passed away on July 9, 2018.  Bob was 80 years old.

RALPH NELSON, retired CBC Toronto TV Technical Supervisor, passed away on July 8, 2018.  Ralph was 87 years of age.

MICHAEL DORN, CBC Toronto Video Producer/Editor and son of CBC Toronto Designer/Artist Rudi Dorn (deceased May 7, 2011), passed away unexpectedly on July 5, 2018 at age 60.

MYRON BACHYNSKY, retired from CBC Montreal, passed away on July 3, 2018.  Myron was 90 years old.

LEN CARPENTER, formerly with CBC Radio Inuvik was rememberd as "Mr. Saturday Night".  Len passed away on July 3, 2018 at age 61.

MIKE HUNCHAK, retired CBC Alberta Film and Video Journalist/Cinematographer, passed away on July 3, 2018.  Mike was 87 years of age.

BEVERLEY BURROWS, freelancer and script writer, CBC Radio in Regina,passed away on June 30, 2018 at age 73.

JJ (JAMES) RICHARDS, Journalist formerly with CBC Toronto News, passed away at his home in California on June 30, 2018.  JJ was 88 years old.

MARIETTE LEDUC LOYER, mother of retired CBC Ottawa Audio Technician Serge Loyer, passed away on June 28, 2018 at age 93.

BOB ZIEMAN, retired CBC Ottawa Transmitter Supervisor, passed away on June 25, 2018.  Bob was 81 years old.

JUDY HARRIES, wife of retired CBC Vancouver Unit Manager Ron Harries, passed away on June 19, 2018.  Judy was 73 years of age.

ROBERT ASGEIRSSON, former CBC Vancouver freelance Cameraman, passed away in on June 12, 2018.  Robert was 74 years of age.

LOGAN ROSS MARGACH (known as Ross Margach), former CBC Vancouver TV Technician, passed away in Ontario on June 10, 2018.  Ross was 78 years old. 

GERRY STOROSCHUCK, retired CBC Toronto TV Maintenance Technician, passed away in early June, 2018.

FRANK CARDO, retired CBC Ottawa Technical Producer, passed away on June 5, 2018 at age 84.

HARVEY HEIDEMAN, retired CBC Toronto TV Technician (Switcher), passed away on June 1, 2018.

MARY CAMERON, former CBC Toronto Script Assistant c1950s, passed away on June 1, 2018.

GARTH FOWLIE, former CBC Vancouver TV Producer/Director, passed away on May 23, 2018.  Garth was 74 years of age.

ARVI LIIMATAINEN, Producer Da Vinci's Inquest; Director The Beachcombers and Jake and the Kid, passed away from cancer on May 19, 2018.  Arvi was 68 years old.

DOUG CROSBIE passed away on May16, 2018 after being struck by a truck while cycling to work. From 1990 to 2000, Doug worked for CBC in Toronto, Montreal and Moncton.  During his CBC years, he was a Radio News Reporter, Radio Current Affairs Producer, live music Producer, a Television Current Affairs and Documentary Producer and Writer, and a Studio Producer.  Doug was 54 years of age.

Actress MARGOT KIDDER passed away on May 13, 2018 at age 69.

KATHRYN (ATKINSON) HORGAN, retired CBC Toronto Network TV Sports Script/Production Assistant and founder/manager of the Facebook page to keep CBC employees/retirees connected, passed away on May 4, 2018.  Kathryn was 63 years old.

LIZ HUGHES, retired CBC Vancouver Television and Radio Producer/Executive Producer and Director of News, Centres for CBC, passed away on May 4, 2018 ending her courageous battle with breast cancer.  Liz was 67 years of age.

ERIC KOCH, retired CBC Toronto Radio and Television Producer/Area Head, Arts and Science, Toronto/CBC Montreal Regional Director, passed away on April 28, 2018 at age 98.

ORIN McINTOSH, retired CBC Saskatchewan Transmitter Technician (CBK Watrous), passed away on April 11, 2018.  Orin was just over a month shy of his 89th birthday.