On November 2, 1957, the 21st Anniversary of the CBC, a group of employees (both retired and continuing) formed a club known as "The CBC Pioneers Club" with chapters in Ottawa, Montreal. and Toronto. Membership was open to those with 25 years' service in the Corporation. On May 1, 1961, this concept of an association to serve the common interests of long service employees was revised on a broader base to be known as "The CBC Twenty Year Association" ("the Association"). The qualification change from twenty-five (25) years to (twenty) 20 years was at the suggestion of our French Network associates who had formed a similar association. Since that time, associations have been formed with varying degrees of success at other CBC locations across Canada.


This Association shall be known as the CBC Twenty Year Association, British Columbia Chapter.


The object and purpose shall be to provide continuing opportunities for all present and retired staff, and persons having been or currently on contract to CBC/Radio-Canada to:
(1) Gather socially for the purpose of establishing and maintaining friendly relations.
(2) Discuss problems of common interest to members.
(3) Listen to qualified speakers on subjects of interest to members.
(4) Formally request from Corporate Management and any other qualified sources any information which the Association considers necessary in the pursuit of its purposes, and further to submit to Corporate Management any recommendations and resolutions which have been authorized on behalf of the Association.
(5) Promote the Association within the ranks of CBC staff members and persons on contract to ensure the continuation of the Association by increasing membership.


There shall be four (4) categories:
(1) Staff/Contract/Performer Member
(2) Retired Member
(3) Honorary Member
(4) Visiting Member

1. STAFF/CONTRACT/PERFORMER MEMBER - A person who has served twenty (20) years with the CBC (or less, at the discretion of the Executive) shall, upon payment of the prescribed annual dues, be enrolled as a member of the British Columbia Chapter of the CBC Twenty Year Association with all rights and privileges pertaining thereto.
2. RETIRED MEMBER – A person as in (1) above, who has retired or resigned, and wishes to enjoy membership in this Chapter may do so.
3. HONORARY MEMBERS – An Honourary Membership may be awarded, subject to Executive approval, to person(s) who have served the interests of the Corporation with distinction, over a period of at least twenty (20) years. Honorary Membership may be awarded on a short-term basis (up to one [1] year) or on a long-term basis (up to a Lifetime Membership). Honourary members shall have all rights and privileges of regular members. They are not required to pay dues.
4. VISITING MEMBERS - Members of other Chapters of this Association are especially welcome to attend all meetings of the British Columbia Chapter. They may observe and discuss matters before the meeting, but shall not vote.

The Board shall consist of an elected Executive Committee and of appointed Members-At-Large.

1. Executive Commitee





Immediate Past President

At least one (1) member of the Executive shall be a Corporation pensioner.
Executive members shall be elected for a term of one (1) year .
Executive members may be re-elected but no member may serve in any one position for more than four (4) consecutive terms. Under special circumstance, the four year rule may be waived by a favourable vote of 75% of the members present at the Annual General Meeting.
Elections shall be held every year at the Annual General Meeting.
2 Members-at-Large may be appointed at the discretion of the Executive for a one (1) year term.

1. President -
As the principal Executive Officer of this Chapter he/she shall provide enthusiastic leadership by:
(a) Presiding at executive and general meetings and ensuring that such meetings are called as required on behalf of this Chapter.
(b) Planning, in co-operation with the Executive, an interesting program of general meetings.
(c) Ensuring continuing liaison with CBC Management in order to maintain effective and congenial relations on behalf of this Chapter. This shall include seeking Management's co-operation in assisting this Chapter to function effectively in such matters as; reasonable access to the Corporation's duplicating and mailing facilities ;the provision of available space on the premises for members to attend such meetings which are reasonably scheduled as to provide the least possible interference with normal Corporation activities; establish and maintain with Management an image of this Chapter as a useful and responsible Association which represents the common interests of current and former employees and others who, by nature of having served a minimum of twenty years' service, are demonstrating their "career commitment" to the aims and purposes of the Corporation.
(d) Be one of three (3) Executive members as co-signer for accounts payable.
2. Vice-President -
(a) In the absence of the President, to perform all the duties and responsibilities of the President
(b) Assist the President in implementing the activities of this Chapter.
3. Secretary -
(a) Shall prepare and distribute the agenda for each Executive meeting along with notification of the time and place of such meeting as determined by the President, at least two (2) days prior to each meeting.
(b) Shall prepare, maintain and distribute minutes of the Executive meetings.
(c) At least twenty-one (21) days in advance of any Annual General meeting shall distribute to all Association members a notice to promote attendance at such meeting.
(d) Prepare and distribute notices to membership of all Association functions as required.
(e) Maintain membership records (welcome new members, issue annual membership cards, maintain register of membership, send reminder of dues' renewal, etc.).
(f) Prepare and provide name tags for members and guests at all Association gatherings.
(g) Be one of three (3) Executive members as co-signer for accounts payable.
(h) As may be necessary, shall establish and maintain correspondence with other Chapters in order to promote the exchange of information and ideas between Chapters.
4. Treasurer -
(a) Maintain an accurate set of books for accounting and auditing purposes
(b) Collect membership dues.
(c) Prepare a balance sheet for presentation at the Annual Meeting.
(d) Meet with the Caterers, discuss possible menus, and come to an agreement on food costs . Book the required dates.
(e) As required prior to social functions, select a menu and advise the venue of the number or people who will be in attendance.
(f) Collect costs, if any, from each member or guest
(g) Pay the Caterers and others who have provided services.
(h) Be one of three (3) Executive members as co-signer for accounts payable.
5. Immediate Past President -
(a) Attend all executive and general meetings and, on the basis of previous experience as President, provide advice and comment to the Executive.
(b) When requested, assist any Executive member in carrying out his/her duties and responsibilities.
6. Members-At-Large -
(a) Attend and actively participate at all meetings.
(b) Assist the Executive in the planning of social events and
assist at same.

(1) The members of the Executive shall meet as frequently as they deem advisable, but in any event, no fewer than three times per year.
(2) Meetings of the Executive shall be called by the Secretary
as directed by the President or his/her Deputy, or upon written
request from the majority of the members of the Executive. They
shall be held at any place or location specified by the President.
(3) The notice of meeting of the Executive may be given verbally
and shall be at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance except in
emergency when such notice can be reduced.
(4) Quorum: At least three (3) Executive members must be present to form a quorum.
(5) All questions submitted shall be decided upon by a majority
of the Executives present. In the case of a tie, the President or
his/her Deputy shall have the deciding vote.


Committees may be formed by the Executive as deemed appropriate. The duties of said Committee(s) will be developed by the Executive as required relative to the function(s) of said Committee(s).


Membership year shall be the CBC fiscal year. (Apr.1- Mar.31). For purposes of financial reporting, the fiscal year shall be March 1- February 28/29.

Annual dues shall be determined each year by the Executive, subject to ratification by the general membership present at the Annual General Meeting.


(a) The Annual General Meeting shall be held on or before March 31.
(b) There shall be at least five (5) meetings per year.

Meeting Quorum -

(a) Shall be twenty (20) members in good standing, for the Annual General Meeting and any other general meetings at which motions are to be voted upon. All motions, where possible, should be submitted in writing to the Secretary no later than ten (10) days prior to said meeting, and should be signed by the mover.

(b) Shall be three (3) at any meeting of the Executive.


Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised shall apply on all questions of procedure not specified in these Bylaws.


May be proposed by any paid-up member by the submission of a written resolution bearing the supporting signatures of at least four (4) additional members and may be considered at any general, special or annual meeting. A decision in favour of such amendment will require a majority of the votes cast.


(a) Each member shall have one (1) vote.

(b) No proxy votes permitted.

(c) Votes may be submitted in advance by mail.

(d) In case of a tie vote the President or his/her Deputy shall cast an extra deciding vote.


In the event of the dissolution of the Association, all debts and liabilities shall be satisfied and any remaining monies shall be donated to a registered Canadian charity. The Executive shall be responsible to determine which charity should receive the funds.

XIII This Constitution was approved at the Annual General Meeting on March 27, 2001.

SIGNED: ______________________________________________________

Judi Grindlay President

SIGNED: _______________________________________________________

Pat Hartley Treasurer

SIGNED: ________________________________________________________

Peggy Oldfield Secretary