AULD ACQUAINTANCES, from January 1, 2023

Auld Acquaintances by Peggy Oldfield
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Posted May 2, 2023:

From Ken Mitchell (see another photo of Ken in the Colleagues' Gallery!)

"I just completed a trip along Anderson and Seton lake by boat and Indigenous Train bus travel.   My two sons and I drove up to Darcey & stayed in a BnB. We used a boat and toured Anderson lake… so quiet and beautiful.  Then we took the Lillooet's bands' Indigenous train bus along Seton lake to Lillooet..great fun.  After three days we returned home from Lillooet to North Vancouver via  Pemberton and Whistler.    It was one wonderful, very scenic journey."

Here are a few photos Ken has kindly shared from the adventure....

One of Ken's sons captured a selfie with his dad and brother in the background.

Stunning view of Anderson Lake.

A beautiful moment of seeing wildlife along the way.

Railway tracks and beautiful scenery.

Posted April 16, 2023:

Best wishes and sincere congratulations to Tim Jordan  and Ma Wharren Pulgo on their marriage which took place on March 25th at Ginatilan Cebu Philippines!  Tim, retired owner/chef of Jordan's Catering, was never a CBC employee but is fondly remembered by CBC Vancouver colleagues from the many years he and first wife Lorraine (deceased September 25, 2019) provided the sumptuous feasts for the CBC 20 Year Assoiciation garden parties and Annual General Meetings. Tim's immediate family has now also expanded from son Ben to include Ma Wharren's three daughters.  Here's to every happiness for the newlyweds!  And here are a few photos from Tim & Ma Wharren's wedding....

Posted April 9, 2023:
(See an additional photo of all the bowling participants in the Colleagues' Gallery)

The CBC/SRC Association monthly bowling at Grandview Lanes in Vancouver attracted 11 participants on April 5th - Neil & Lynn Gillon, Alex Kerr and Betty Carscadden, Anne Mathisen, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding & Marichu Torrijos. The occasion was themed for both Tartan Day (April 6) and Easter (April 9), providing lots of laughs and edible fun.  No haggis though!  The edibles concentrated on Spring and Easter with mini cucumbers and fresh apple and orange slices from Marichu & Ding Torrijos and on Easter with Hot Cross Buns, bunny and Easter egg shaped cookies and Easter egg jelly beans and M&Ms from Peggy OldfieldBill Murray loaned a tartan throw on which to place the goodies and created an extra game for bowling with an egg carton of chocolate Easter treats.  Each filled space was assigned a score - bowl the score and you got to take the prize!  For the first time since playing Bingo for the third game, all three teams tied in the bid to fill the Bingo card and the priviege of posing with the trophy created by Bill Murray.  Following the games, Neil & Lynn, Alex and Betty, Anne, Peggy and Michael & Eleanor carried on to St. Augustine's Pub for lunch and the continuation of a delightful day.  

Bill Murray with the "score the number and win the prize" game he created.

Mini Cucumbers and fresh fruit slices from Marichu & Ding Torrijos;
Hot Cross Buns, Easter cookies and candies from Peggy Oldfield.

Ding Torrijos, Lynn Gillon and Neil Gillon in fine form on the lanes.

Michael Taylor-Noonan, Betty Carscadden and Bill Murray chose similar plaid shirts in recognition of Tartan Day. 
Michael's sporting a tartan tie as well!

Neil Gillon and Alex Kerr on the lanes. 
In the backgroun, L-R: Betty Carscadeden, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Bill Murray, Lynn Gillon,
Michael Taylor-Noonan and Anne Mathisen.

Bill Murray acknowledges Tartan Day not only with a plaid shirt, but also with a special t-shirt.
Behind Bill are L-R: Betty Carscadden, Marichu Torrijos and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan.

Peggy Oldfield and Anne Mathisen bowl. 
In the background, L-R: Betty Carscadden, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Lynn Gillon, Neil Gillon,
Michael Taylor-Noon, Marichu Torrijos and Ding Torrijos.

Anne Mathisen with Ding & Marichu Torrijos wearing souvenir t-shirts from their recent cruise to Mexico.

Marichu Torrijos and Michael Taylor-Noonan on the lanes.

All three teams tied for winning the Bingo game!  
L-R:  Betty Carscadden, Ding Torrijos, Peggy Oldfield, Alex Kerr, Michael Taylor-Noonan,
Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Bill Murray, Anne Mathisen, Neil Gillon, Lynn Gillon, Marichu Torrijos.

Posted April 2, 2023:

From Dee Gibney (See another photo of Dee in the Colleagues' Gallery!)

Dee Gibney sends some fabulous photos of a hike she participated in a few days ago in the Puerto Vallarta area of Mexico which took the group through a rocky river and up through a gorge to a waterfall.  Dee shares some details of the day…

“I don’t have pics of the more challenging spots because I was too busy trying not to sprain an ankle of break a leg. We had to scale boulders and wade through knee deep water at points. I didn’t have proper foot wear - just Croc like slip on sandals (called Dawgs) which kept twisting underfoot causing me to slip. You’l see the Dawgs in a couple of the photos and see why they were so challenging to 'hike' in.

Anywhere you see us standing around, we’re debating which is the easiest route through the boulders. Second photo gives you a bit of an idea of the leap to get onto that flat boulder shelf.

There were shallow areas with thick mushy leaves which were treacherous. But we - or I should say I - made it. 6 hours worth!” (Dee noted that she had been told it would be an easy hike of about an hour!)

By the time they were nearing the end of the hike, Dee said her quads were refusing to function and she had to have help getting over some of the steeper, more uneven and treacherous rocks.  That meant one person pulling and one pushing in spots where she couldn’t get a footing!   

The river was cold and refreshing, she said, and her fellow hikers were a fun bunch to be with. Did that grueling hike tire Dee out?  Not enough to stop her from taking a bus back to hr apartment, showering, changing and heading back to Centro for an evening of dancing on the plaza!


    Not too difficult at this point in the hike.                              Debating how best to jump onto the flat rock
                                                                                                                in front of them in the river.


         Dee at the bottom of the gorge.                                              The trek continues.


       Beautiful scenery in the gorge.                                         A fellow participant poses for Dee.

                                                                       Sun parched earth and rocks yield gorgeous ferns.


                                       Swimming in the icy waters tempted most of the hikers.


                A family enjoys the swim.                                                   Beautiful and rugged scenery.

Posted March 18, 2023:

CBC/SRC Association once-per-month bowling and pub lunch took place on March 8th and the participants had some fun with an early celebration of St Patrick's Day by wearin' o' the green.  Sweets and serviettes echoed the green and shamrock theme, courtesy of Peggy Oldfield whom a few might remember as Peggy O'Neill in her pre-married days.  Bowlers on this occasion were Neil & Lynn Gillon, Anne Mathisen, Rod & Lori Mundy, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield and Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan.  All but Bill carried on to enjoy lunch at St. Augustine's Pub.  Check out the Colleagues' Photo Gallery for more photos of the Bingo Game teams and the luncheon group!

Sweets and serviettes with a St. Patrick's Day theme, courtesy of Peggy Oldfield.

Lots of green or close-to....
L-R: Lori Mundy, Anne Mathisen, Peggy Oldfield, Lynn Gillon, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan.

L-R: Rod Mundy, Michael Taylor-Noonan, Bill Murray and Neil Gillon wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day! 

Eleanor & Michael Taylor-Noonan on the lanes. 
In the background L-R: Neil & Lynn Gillon, Rod & Lori Mundy, Anne Mathisen and Peggy Oldfield.

Lynn Gillon showing fine form on the lane.

Anne Mathisen and Lynn Gillon.

Bill Murray, Lynn Gillon, Eleanor & Michael Teylor-Noonan, Neil Gillon, Anne Mathisen, Lori Mundy
and Michael Taylor-Noonan all seem riveted by the score board!

Eleanor Teylor-Noonan and Anne Mathisen bowl while Bill Murray and Rod Mundy look on.

Looks like Bill Murray at right has said something to break up Lynn Gillon! 
Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Neil Gillon and Lori Mundy round out the group.

It's Bowling Bingo time and Bill Murray keeps score for his team.

Creative Bill Murray came up with another unique Bingo Game card. 
No shamrocks or leprechauns, but lots of green!

Lori Mundy takes aim at the pins during the Bingo Game.

Posted March 12, 2023:

From Ken Mitchell:
(Check the Colleagues' Gallery for another photo of Ken from Mexico)

Ken has enjoyed the sunny climes of Mexico for the past ten days and sent some great photos to share a bit of the sunshine in Lake Chapala as well as the beautifully colourful architecture of some of the homes in Ajijic.  “I am really enjoying my time here in Ajijic”, said Ken.  The sun plus the 28 c temp  are good for my body & soul. There will be some major adjustments necessary when I fly home  on Mar. 10th...  Rainy days!!” 


From John Kennedy: 
(Check the Colleagues' Gallery for another photo of John from The Algarve)

“Just got home from a couple of weeks in The Algarve…. South part of Portugal. These shots were taken at Sagres, at the southwestern corner of Portugal.”


Skinny John is a reflection of the shiny metal back of a mural dedicated to St Vincent/Sao Vicente
after whom this little area is named.

 St. Vincent Coastline

Posted March 5, 2023:

CBC retiree Roy Geldart sends a photo from the early days of his CBC career with CBC Fredericton and notes that the station celebrated its 59th on-air anniversary on March 4th this year.  CBZ Fredericton signed on at 1480 kHz with 10,000 Watts, later moving to 970 and eventually to FM.  At sign-on there were about 20 people on staff.  A few months into 1964, CBC Fredericton began programming for a new 10 kW station in Saint John, New Brunswick, CBD 1110 kHz.  Studios didn't open in Saint John until 1968.

Roy joined the Fredericton station on January 6, 1964 as a temporary Clerk in charge of setting up the Record Library and subsequently moved to the other temporary position as Summer Relief Announcer Operator.  Later in 1964 he embarked on a 20 year career at several private radio stations in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as an Announcer, Reporter and News Director before returning to CBC Saint John, New Brunswick as a Reporter Editor.  Roy retired from that role after 20 years in 2004 and moved to B.C., settling in Campbell River on Vancouver Island.  

Posted February 26, 2023:

A few days ago, I received a Facebook notification that my friend Linda Cullen of Bob Robertson & Linda Cullen Double Exposure fame, had posted something new.  That turned out to be a new addition to the Blog section of her website, neither of which I was aware she had -obviously my fault for not paying attention!  Not only did reading Linda's latest Blog posting have me laughing out loud, but I was delighted to be able to sign up so that I will now know whenever there's new material to enjoy.  Furthermore, there are lots of previous wonderful ramblings by Linda that I've missed so I have some catching up to do.  In addition to her Blog, Linda has a video section called Linda's YouTube Channel which is another joy not to be missed.  All you have to do to join me in enjoying Linda's wonderful wit is click on her website at  and click on the heading for what you wish to read or view.  At the bottom of her Blog page, you'll find a bar to click on if you wish to subscribe.  It's that easy.  Enjoy! 

Posted February 4, 2023:

CBC/SRC Association bowling ussered in the month on February 1st with a Valentine's Day theme in apparel, treats supplied by Bill Murray and Peggy Oldfield and the card for the Bingo game designed by Bill Murray.  There were ten participants for bowling - Neil & Lynn Gillon, Rod & Lori Mundy, Bill Murray, Peggy Oldfield, Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Ding & Marichu Torrijos (just returned from a holiday in New Orleans which they reported was a terrific first-time visit).  On conclusion of the three games at Grandview Lanes, Neil, Lynn, Rod, Lori, Micheal, Eleanor and Peggy carried on the fun and conversation at nearby St. Augustine's Pub.  Team photos are posted in the Colleagues' Gallery and here are a few more courtesy of Bill and Peggy:

Bill Murray's Photo Album of Bowling Participants and Kit Kat Valentine treats plus
Valentine Cookies and Strawberry/Raspberry Marshmallows from Peggy Oldfield.

Marichu Torrijos and Lynn Gillon are up to bowl.  Watching from the rear are Neil Gillon, Lori Mundy and Peggy Oldfield.

Lori Mundy sizes up the pins.  In the background L-R: Marichu & Ding Torrijos, Neil Gillon, Peggy Oldfield,
Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Lynn Gillon.

Rod Mundy aka the masked bowler.

Peggy Oldfield looking very serious in prep for her shot at those pins.
In the background:  Michael & Eleanor Taylor-Noonan and Lynn Gillon.

Team Red obviously got the memo!  L-R:  Lori Mundy, Eleanor Taylor-Noonan, Lynn Gillon, Peggy Oldfield and Bill Murray.

Couples' captured for Valentine's are Marichu & Ding Torrijos.

Rod & Lori Mundy.

Neil & Lynn Gillon.

Eleanor & Michael Taylor-Noonan.

Peggy Oldfield and Bill Murray teamed up for the photos too.

Michael Taylor-Noonan and Lynn Gillon are bowling while the rest of the gang sans Peggy who took the picture, watch them.

Rod Mundy and Bill Murray arfe up.  Lori Mundy and Lynn Gillon in the background.

Bill Murray, Lori Mundy and Eleanor Taylor-Noonan applaud the action on the lanes.

Michael Taylor-Noonan, Marichu & Ding Torrijos observe the action while Neil Gillon's attention is elsewhere!

Posted January 29, 2023:

Ken Mitchell sends greetings from sunny Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, saying, "It is wonderful to be wined & dined on the beach again.  Westjet's 10:30am Sunday flight makes it so easy to he here in 4 hrs."  Be sure to check out the Colleagues' Gallery for the photo of Ken that accompanied these lovely views....

The gorgeous view as Ken Mitchell enjoys being "wined and dined" in Puerto Vallarta.

All set to dine by the pool.

Tasty fare to be enjoyed in the sunshine by the pool.

Posted January 8, 2023:

At the CBC/SRC Association Christmas Party on November 27th, the lucky winner of the 50/50 draw was Anne Mathisen. Anne’s winnings amounted to $170.00 and a like amount went into the Association coffers (with grateful thanks to all those who bought tickets in the draw!).  In accepting her winnings, Anne stated that she would donate half of her prize to a charity and would let us know when she’d decided who the recipient would be.  That decision has now been made and $85.00 has been donated by Anne to the Salvation Army Black Kettle Fund.  Congratulations, Anne – and thank you for generously sharing your winnings to a worthy cause.

Dan Philips who worked with the CBC Design Department in both Vancouver and Ottawa many years ago, sends greetings from Toronto which he calls home now.  Dan sent a photo from the 1970s when he was with CBC in Vancouver and one as he is today – both of which you will see in our Colleagues’ Gallery. 

Neil Gillon sends word that former CFPR Technician Ken Robertson, who enjoyed a couple of careers after CBC, volunteers with the Canadian Lifeboat Institution.  They assist mariners in distress, warn people of potential hazards, do safety education and collect stray logs and debris.  By the way, the 50-year old sailboat that Ken built in Prince Rupert is available to an interested party and Neil comments that he’s almost giving it away.  Contact if you would like to get in touch with Ken and check out the Colleagues’ Gallery for a photo of him.

Joyce Resin and partner Peter had an amazing holiday in Equador and the Galapagos Islands in December, and Joyce has shared some delightful photos with us....

Joyce & Peter in the Galapagos Islands

Camouflage at its best ... Iguanas on the rocks

Takes some close searching to find the Iguanas!

Joyce with a 180 year old Tortoise

Male Frigate courting display

Yellow Desert Iguana

Close Up of the Yellow Desert Iguana