AULD ACQUAINTANCES, from January 1, 2021

Auld Acquaintances by Peggy Oldfield
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The calendar page has turned to a new year but Covid-19 continues to confine us and prevent us from so many of the things we all consider part of our daily lives.  For the time being this column will continue to post photos and stories and news from colleagues as it comes in, with the new material always at the top of the column.  If you have stories to relate about how you’re spending your time or something amusing that you’ve encountered, please share it and it will be posted here.  Don’t forget that we’re also looking for photos of yourself showing us what you’re keeping busy with in isolation for our “Colleagues” section of this website.  Thank you!

I wish you all a safe, healthy and happy 2021 and hope we can enjoy each other's company in person later this year.

Posted February 28:

From Paddy Moore:

Paddy has some exciting news to share:

“The past year has been quite an ordeal, but I'm hoping to stay connected with this quick career update and perhaps be of service to you in a new role.   

Following my television career, my job at Wanderlust Travel Store was closed last March by the pandemic.  You also know how I love to travel, as do most of us. 

So now, THE PIVOT (or as described in the travel industry - The Repositioning).

I am almost qualified as a Travel Consultant with Expedia Cruises in West Vancouver. It has been a steep six-month learning curve; but by the end of this month I intend to be fully certified. I’m excited to be joining a team who works hard to assist, protect, and get best value for our guests. 

Soon we WILL dream again, but travel will be VERY different. 

You might think I’m crazy to be continuing in the travel industry during these unsettled times, but we know that travel can still be a positive force for good.

We’re certainly not traveling right now and don’t want to encourage that.  But many people are already making vacation plans and bookings for late 2021 and 2022, and now want the added assurance of a personal advisor and advocate. 

WHEN YOU are ready to make vacation travel plans again, I can help - to arrange options with enhanced security and flexibility (like FREE cancellation or changes) and find you the best value. I am ready to answer your questions or requests for ANY TYPE OF TRAVEL, including Tours, Excursions, Cruise, Flights, All-Inclusives, Hotels and Travel Insurance. 

MEANWHILE, whatever your future vacation plans I would like you to invite you to join my 7SEAS® Club. PLEASE visit my website and click on the “Enter to Win” banner - it’s that easy! 

Then I can email you news about exclusive deals that are based on your personal travel preferences and get to learn about how to serve you best. It’s free, no obligations, and you can control how much and what type of information you would like to receive. Plus, you’ll be entered into our draw to win a Caribbean cruise for two!

Also, please ADD this new email to your contact list. You can also link with me on social media @tripstars604 on FB, and Instagram or contact me at 604-926-0029, toll free at 1-877-926-0029, visit the center (by appointment), or email at any time.

As we embark on this new year, may we never confuse physical distance with indifference. We need each other.  That means keeping our distance at the moment, but it also means keeping in touch.

Stay safe, stay healthy! Let’s go through 2021 together with optimism."

Patrick (Paddy) Moore
Travel Consultant, Expedia Cruises West Vancouver

Office: 604-926-0029  Cell: 604-377-2544 

"Worry less, travel more"




From Don Peterson:
See photo of Don in the "Colleagues in isolation" Photo Gallery)

Don's photo now posted in the "Colleagues in Isolation" gallery was taken on Dallas Road in Victoria.  The area has recently been reburbished with a couple of substantial picnic tables; colourful, steel lounging chairs; a widened pedestrian path with improved fencing along the seawall; a dedicated, protected bicycle path; parking spots and slightly narrowed two way vehicle traffic. "Popular improvement!", notes Don.

                                                                   Dallas Road Refurbishment


Posted February 3:

A Special Request

Our former CBC Vancouver colleague Henry Thompson (Technical Stores from 1982 to 1992) moved to a long term care residence in Burnaby, B.C., last May following recovery from a stroke in January, 2020 which has left him unable to walk and in a wheelchair. 

Since living in the care residence, his treasured CBC jacket has gone missing and Henry is very upset about its loss. He remembers that it was taken from his room to be cleaned but was never returned. A search of the premises by staff has not recovered the jacket.  It was a very special item to Henry which reminded him of the years he loved working at CBC Vancouver, and his niece Thereza Stephens would love to replace it for him and contacted the CBC Pensioners’ National Association for suggestions.  Unfortunately nothing similar is currently available from the CBC Shop and hence, this request ….. does anyone have a CBC outerwear jacket they would be willing to part with?  Henry will be 95 years of age in June, 2021 and has been in almost continuous  lockdown at his residence since moving there due to three outbreaks of Covid-19.  His wife passed away in 2017.  It would definitely help to cheer Henry if a CBC jacket could be found for him.  If you have or know of someone who would be willing to part with or sell a jacket, please let me (Peggy Oldfield know.

Unfortunately we don’t have a photo of Henry’s jacket but it was black with two pockets, a CBC logo on the sleeve and possibly had ribbed cuffs on the sleeves. I’d guess that a size Medium would be the best fit for Henry, but I’m sure he would be happy to have one even if it were not the size he would normally wear. 

Thank you.


From Michael Varga
(See Photo of Michael and Brian Schecter in the January "Colleagues in Isolation" section of the Photo Gallery)

In addition to the great close-up photo of Michael and Brian in the "Colleagues in Isolation" gallery (January 31 posting), we have a second terrific shot of them showing a bit of the spectacular Whistler scenery on a perfect skiing day.

On behalf of Joyce Resin

I’m very pleased to relay the following registration information from Joyce Resin concerning three new webinars with Joyce and Dr. Bal Pawa, scheduled for March 12, March 26 and April 9.  Full detail of each webinar is given below.  Cost is $35.00 per seminar or $90.00 for all three.

To register go to: 

Register for one, two or all three webinars…registration is limited

Questions? Email:

Here are the details for the overall series and for each of the three webinars:

Spring Forward: Shining a Light on Good Health

Sleep….Exercise….A Healthy Gut

This interactive webinar series will explore three critical and integrated aspects of our health. Dr. Bal Pawa and Joyce Resin will take a deep dive into these areas with a focus on the latest science that underpins them and the evidence on how we can improve them. 

Be prepared to try new techniques, do some movement in each webinar and ask your pressing questions. 

March 12th, 26th and April 9th
10:00 am to 11:15 am



March 12th: Good Night and Sleep Tight: The mechanics of a good night’s sleep

This webinar will:

Unpack the latest neuroscience on sleep
Debunk the three main myths of insomnia
Discuss how sleep improves the immune system
Explore issues that impede a good night’s sleep as we age eg. anxiety and stress, a sensitive bladder, chronic pain 
Demonstrate sleep and relaxation techniques that work

You know you have to turn off your phone, move your television to another room, turn down the heat, refrain from eating too late in the evening and make sure you have a supportive mattress and good pillow….but you still toss and turn. Why and how can you get the deep sleep that you need? This webinar will have the answers.


March 26th: Exercise Bytes: 10 minutes at a time…the key to vitality and better health

This webinar will:

Explore the science behind “use it or lose it’
Answer the question: Is loss of muscle mass inevitable as we age?
Describe the link between exercise and balance, the immune system, sleep and mood
Share bite sized demos of the best forms of exercise after 50! 

“I have no time to exercise”; “I have an injury”; “ I know it’s good for me, but I need to lose weight first”…there’s a way to exercise that’s fun, focused and evidence based, particularly for those over 50. You can improve your health with small exercise “snacks” if you incorporate all the elements that you need throughout the day. Join Bal and Joyce for this informative and active webinar that can change your attitude and exercise practice for good.


April 9th:Gut Instinct: Weight, diet and the gut/brain conversations

This webinar will:

Explain the latest neurobiology on why we overeat
Explore the role of the gut, anxiety and the brain 
Examine the evidence on: Keto, weight watchers, intermittent fasting, plant based diets
Share the secrets of controlling weight and maintaining a healthy gut as we age

Why am I putting on weight as i get older? I am so confused by the myriad of diet plans out there. Why is my gut so noisy? Does it matter when I eat? …just a few of the questions you’ve asked. These and many more will be answered in this exploration of all things “gut” related over 50.


All the webinars will include relevant movement and interactive exercises appropriate to the topic. There will be a Q and A session at the end of each presentation from 11:00 am to 11:15 am.


Dr. Bal Pawa is a Vancouver based physician, a Harvard trained specialist in integrative medicine and co-founder of the Westcoast Women’s Clinic, the first of it’s kind in Canada. She’s a dynamic and experienced speaker and the best selling author of the book,The Mind-Body Cure: Heal Your Pain, Anxiety and Fatigue by Controlling Stress.

Joyce Resin (MSW) is a Third Age BCRPA fitness instructor. She was Director of the Healthy Heart Society of BC and Exec. Director of Impact BC, a health improvement agency. She was host and Executive Producer of the CBC network program "Alive! The Picture of Health" and host of "The Best Years", Canada's first TV program for people over 50. She’s a Director of the Canadian Frailty Network, a Centre of Excellence that supports research to prevent frailty.

To register go to:

Register for one, two or all three webinars…registration is limited

Questions? Email:

Posted January 31:

Jackson Davies shared a post of CBC Vancouver crew on location with The Beachcombers, on the "Friends of the Beachcombers" Facebook page.  Jackson's intro says, "Great to see some photos from our crew, they were the best and the foundation of the BC film industry. We became the experts of filming on water, and water was the way we welcomed new crew and said goodbye to crew when they left."  Enjoy the video at

Posted January 24:

From Harry Taylor
(See photo of Harry in the "Colleagues in Isolation" section of the Photo Gallery)

Harry Taylor sends word that he and his wife Mirka have a houseful of antiques, mostly Art Deco and that, when Covid restrictions lift to allow visiting, they would be happy to welcome you for a look-see!  Harry also shared these photos of early radios and the 1940 Cadillac, all of which he has fully restored.  If you would like to get in touch with Harry about a future visit to see the collection or just to chat about “the old days” at CBC, contact me at and I will privately relay his phone number and e-mail address. 


         Part of Harry's collection of restored early radios and his 1940 Cadillac.


From Mar Sulaika Ochs:

Mar Sulaika Ochs has been working hard to expand her Storygoddess website and has numerous postings available under the headings of A Memory a Day; Covid-19; Musings; Sixty Plus Sex; The Inspiratrix Speaks; Vinaigrettes and Ya Gotta Laugh, plus guest submissions relating to Covid-19 from Jack Remick and from Dr. Susan Baxter.  Each of them provide a strong no-nonsense perspective which expresses both the diligence necessary in respecting restrictions and the common sense needed to cope with pandemic worries.  To read these and all other compositions by Mar, click on The Story Goddess – Communicator & Story Teller .

In addition to her writing for and hosting duties on Two Boomer Women podcasts with her podner, Agnes Knowles, Mar continues to offer tutoring in conversational English, so if you know anyone looking for such service, please pass her information card along!

From Terry Murray (January 10):

Terry Murray's photo was posted in the "Colleagues in Isolation" Gallery the week of November 22nd and this column that same week shared the news of her wonderful success and recognition for her art.  The article about her coiled paper bowls has just been published in the January 2021 issue (#48) of Uppercase Magazine.  The link is or you can google Uppercase Terry Murray.  You'll find Terry and her art on page 18 of the magazine.

From Drew Snider:

Drew Snider posted a special video on his blog, "Two Minutes for Cross-Checking!", on Christmas Day. Drew advises that, "It's Don Mowatt, reading the excerpt from dad's memoir about The Christmas Turkey, which he read for us at dad's memorial service. (Hard to believe that was almost 10 years ago.) I still get a kick out of it, and maybe some others will, too …"  Drew's dad was long-time CBC Vancouver Television Producer Andy Snider ("Klahanie" series) and Don Mowatt is a retired CBC Vancouver Radio Producer.

From Bob Nixon (January 3):
(Note:  CLICK HERE TO See photo of Bob in the "Colleagues in Isolation" section of the Photo Gallery)

“On December 24th, I had the first ever Christmas harvest from my backyard lemon tree. It’s probably one of the few, if only, such outdoor lemon trees in North Burnaby. And I got it about 15 years ago thanks to the CBC. 

I got sent one day to Tsawwassen where a controversy brewed over the main BC Hydro power line into the community. The line had a wide right of way, used by some folks as a walking trail. Some residents built gates so they could access it from their backyards. A few then started digging up the land for flower and vegetable gardens. Walkers complained; BC Hydro threatened to kick everybody out of its right of way; unhappy gardeners were alarmed. So, a perfect CBC-TV story. 

One of the gardeners had really gone to town. Not just a huge garden, he focussed on exotic plants that typically don’t live outdoors in BC, but might survive in Tsawwassen’s milder climate. He had built greenhouses and irrigation systems and a website ( - no longer active) to sell the plants he grew. So I bought two of his offerings; a feijoa, native to Brazil and a Meyer Lemon, of which my in-laws had a healthy example in California. 

The story was a huge success, of course, though a Webster’s nomination eluded me.  I planted my little saplings against the south facing wall of my house and waited for growth.  In the fall, I built a small, collapsible plastic wrapped greenhouse for the lemon tree and during the winter, turned on a 60 watt utility light for any frosty, snowy or otherwise cold weather. The feijoa was left to its own devices. Bad idea. 

But my Meyer came through that winter and every one of the years that followed. When I took advantage of the CBC’s sabbatical offer and moved to France, that five year old lemon got dug up, transported to North Vancouver found a home with Peter Layton, who has a real green house. It survived wonderfully. But the trauma of such awesome responsibility so damaged Peter that he continues to work at CBC 40-plus years after he started. Raising a lemon tree in BC reminds one of life’s fragile nature. 

As for Meyer, it grew to six feet high, requiring yearly pruning. After a decade or so actually bore fruit. Sometimes a dozen appeared, though only a few grew to any size. But this year, the tree bloomed. Hundreds of flowers enticed my bees and by June or July scores of little fruit buds appeared. In late October I picked the ten large ones that had turned yellow. Then I hauled out the old greenhouse contraption to guard against the coming frosts. 

The inside walls soon fogged up, offering me only a hazy view. But I noticed spots of opaque yellow here and there, which I assumed were leaves turning colour. But on Christmas Eve, a frost free day, I lifted up the greenhouse and crawled inside. The yellow were not leaves, but lemons. Dozens of them. Amazing. 

So yeah, 2020 has been a remarkable year. Like most people, my family has endured the changes brought by Covid, and so far dodged any serious problems. But unlike most others, life really has given me lemons. And I really will make... well, I’ll let you know.”