Auld Acquaintances by Peggy Oldfield
                                                                                                                                     November 2018

Leaves turning crimson and gold in these beautiful Autumn days signals that the time has come for another round-up of recent activities involving former CBC colleagues.

  The CBC 20 Year Association brought many of those
  colleagues together this summer via various events. 
  Once-per-month 5 pin bowling is popular with a small
  dedicated group who are always pleased to welcome other
  colleagues, family and friends to join in.  Regulars
  Elizabeth Bishop, Serafine Crawley, Neil & Lynn
Ron & Diane Mahy, Anne Mathisen, Bill Murray,   Peggy Oldfield and Michael Taylor-Noonan have been
  joined on occasion in the past few months by Lillian
  Hanson, Maurice Moses
 and Sharon Spruston.

  The annual Garden Party hosted by Jim Nelson & Sharie
at their lovely home in Delta took place on July
  22nd.  The perfect sunny day saw a great crowd of 34
  people relaxing in their choice of sun or shade as they   
     Garden Party host Jim Nelson with Karen Tankard, Eric Anderson and
      mingled and chatted and enjoyed the selection of foods
Volkmar Richter.  Jim & Sharie's cat Max is comfortable on the char at right.    provided.

Serafine Crawley and Joe Holman did a fabulous job with the food shopping and Serafine along with Sharie Lomas and Peggy Oldfield, undertook kitchen duty to handle the preparation and serving.  As well as those already mentioned, Eric Anderson,
Agnes Arychuk, Jack & Dorean Binns, Elizabeth Bishop,
Rhonda Burnside, Chris Cutress, Helene Dupre-Espeut &
Tony Espeut, Lorna Haeber, Lillian Hanson, Brian Keating & Phyllis Wilcox, John Kennedy, Stan Langtry, Catherine &
Steve Morrin, Rod & Lori Mundy, Nancy Nelson, Mike Oldfield, Hugh Poole, Volkmar Richter, John Rogers, Sharon Spruston, Karen Tankard, Ron Taylor & Sheryl Smale
and Michael Varga were in attendance.                                                                                                                      A bounty of finger foods to enjoy during the Garden Party

Enjoying Jim & Sharie's back garden

  Exactly one month later on August 22nd, another
  beautiful summer day – albeit a smoky one due to the
  surfeit of forest fires burning in B.C., Washington State
  and California – brought out a total of 75 adults and
  children for the picnic at Burnaby Central Railway. 
  Among those enjoying the fun of riding the miniature
  trains and making use of the oversize barbecue in the
  park were Eric & Louise Anderson, Joe Cranswick,
  Serafine Crawley, Neil & Lynn Gillon, John & Linda
  Henderson, John Kennedy, Rick Kieran, Anne
  Mathisen, Ken Mitchell, Catherine & Steve Morrin,
  Ralph Motohashi, Bill Murray, Zafira Nanji, Jim
                 Lots of fun riding the trains throughout the day!                                     Nelson & Shari Lomas, Nancy Nelson, Mike &
                                                                                            Peggy Oldfield, Ron & Rae Petrescue, Peter & Linda Schell, Ron Taylor & Sheryl Smale
plus many family members
and friends.  CBC 20 Year Association President Joe Holman
and former CBC Vancouver staffers Bruce Johnston and
Tom Pruden were among the Burnaby Railway volunteers
who drove the trains, provided many an insight to the maintenance of the engines and continual upkeep and improvements to the park, and never tired of answering myriad questions.  Everyone was very generous in providing contributions to the potluck table which provided fare not only for the railway volunteers but for everyone else to share in too!  From babies to seniors, smiles abounded throughout the day.                     
                                                                                                                                                                                            Room for everyone at the giant barbecue.  

Great day and place for a picnic.

The Fall Luncheon took members and guests once again to Beefeater's Seaside Bar & Grill next to the Nanaimo ferry terminal on Vancouver Island.  The gathering took place on September 26th and another blissfully sunny day made the ferry sailing for mainlanders and the drive for Islanders, most pleasurable.  From Vancouver Island, Peter Cracknell, Ron & Carole Devion, Cliff & Kathleen Gilfillan, Sasha Koerbler & Paul Fudge, John Mang & Susan Wood, Dan Noon, Gary Prendergast, Peter & Bernice Puttonen, Fred Ramsay & Beverlee Shipley, Peter Toma & Cornelia Grigore, and Jennifer Waterston (Don & Pat Waterston's daughter) came and from the mainland, Agnes Arychuk, Elizabeth Bishop, Serafine Crawley, Neil & Lynn Gillon, John Kennedy, Stan Langtry, Ron & Diane Mahy and Peggy Oldfield made the trip across. 17 from Vancouver Island and 10 from the mainland enjoyed a few hours of great conversation and delicious food in a gorgeous setting by the water.

Everyone but Peter Tomas & Cornelia Grigore who had to leave early, posed for this photo.  Jennifer Waterston's aid dog Gamay is sitting beside her.

Doug Rushton has created the "Liz Hughes Memorial English Assistance Program Bursary" at Capilano University in her memory.  As a tribute to his wife's work with NGOs  (non-governmental organizations) and refugee groups, it is designed to give newcomers to Canada financial assistance so that they can take English programs required for university entrance.  If you wish to make a donation (a charitable donation receipt will be issued to you), you may do so via (choose "Designation – Other" and fill in "Liz Hughes Award") or alternatively, request a donation form via this writer.

                                                                                                                                                    Liz Hughes

Laurie Dickson worked at CBC Radio and Television in Moose Jaw, Regina and Vancouver.  Paul Grant worked with CBC in Charlottetown, Regina and Vancouver.  They are both happily retired and have shared news of what they are currently up to, best told in their own words (to continue following Laurie & Paul on their adventures, be sure to subscribe to their Road Apples' blog (see link at the end of their article):

"Road Apples – Laurie Dickson and Paul Grant

  In September we
  sub-let our
  apartment, packed
  up the car, and
  headed east to
  where we're
  spending a year
  taking the roads less
  traveled.  Our home
  base is a rambling
  old heritage house
  in Laurie's home town of Moose Jaw. The house was built in 1905 and, reflecting the area's agricultural past and present, still has a barn out back.

  Every week we
  get out the map and chart a course for somewhere we haven't
  been.  Last week it was Ogema, about an hour and a half
  almost due south of Moose Jaw.  This is where Arleene
  Johnson-Noga grew up playing baseball until she was drafted
  into the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League in the
  1940s.  The AAGPBL was featured in the 1992 film A League
  Of Their Own, with Rosie O'Donnell's character was largely
  based on Arleene.   The league was also the subject of a 2002
  documentary called All For One – The Story of Canada's All-
  American Baseball Girls

Throughout her life she coached and mentored generations of young athletes.  Aside from being a member of the Canadian and Saskatchewan Baseball Halls of Fame, Arleene Johnson-Noga was a pretty fair bowler, and skipped and played on several championship curling rinks.  In 2004 the Ogema grandstand was named after her.

  Ogema also has arguably the best thin-crust
  pizza in the province, baked in a
  traditional Northern Italian brick oven.

  About three hours west of
  Ogema along Highway 13
  (The Redcoat Trail) is
  Eastend, so named because it was the eastern-most outpost of the Royal Northwest Mounted Police, headquartered in Fort Walsh, Alberta.  Eastend has a long literary history, from Wallace Stegner (Wolf Willow) to Sharon Butala (The Perfection of the Morning).

To eyes accustomed to coastal cloud, the prairie light is gorgeous. We're seeing lots of wildlife, including bison, prong-horned antelopes and thousands of migrating snow geese.

  Our sturdy little Subaru has taken us more than 3500 kms so far. 
  But we've hardly got started.  Saskatchewan has 190,000 km of
  roads, enough to circle the globe four times.  The secondary
  roads are almost deserted, and even the Trans Canada Highway
  is pleasantly uncrowded.  One of our trips in November will be just
  up the road to Pense, near Regina, for a visit to artist Joe Fafard's
  foundry.  His metal sculptures of animals are known and shown
  all over the world, including at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver,
  where this mare and foal were in residence.

  We'll also head north to Watrous, home of Canada's largest mineral spa and once the site of the art deco CBC transmitter building until it was torn down a few years ago.


Some people managed to salvage some mementoes from the building.  Lost, though, was the linoleum map on the floor showing CBC transmitter locations across Canada.

We've just begun exploring Saskatchewan, and hope you'll want to tag along for some of our adventures in the coming year.  You can subscribe to our Road Apples blog here: "


Doug Kerr reports that every couple of months or so, news people from all stations that competed against each other in the field over the years, get together for coffee at Brentwood Mall in Burnaby. If you'd like to participate, contact this writer who will connect you with Doug.  Here's Doug's photo of the most recent get together which includes George Orr, Gundar Lipsbergs, Ted Huang and Doug Kerr as the CBC contingent (all standing in the back row of the photo).

Rear L-R:  Gary Haney (BCTV), Don Marce (CKVU), Gundar Lipsbergs (CBC), Ted Huang (CBC), Doug Kerr (CBC), George Orr (CBC), Harvey Oberfeld (BCTV), Steve from CTV National , (Global TV Tech?), Iain Ross (CKVU), Ken Chu (BCTV).

Seated L-R:  George Garrett (CKNW), Richard Paris (CKVU), Lorraine Graves (BCTV), Chung Chow (Richmond News), John Jackson (CTV National), Randy Mennie (BCTV).

On Tuesday, October 23rd  Nina Ferretti went to hear the journalist Chantal Hebert who appears on the political panel At Issue on CBC Television, at SFU Woodwards.  Ms. Hebert's topic was the Canadian Political Landscape.  Nina elaborated that, "She spoke in French and English and did not repeat what was said in either language. At the beginning she informed the audience that this would be the way she would deal with a bilingual presentation. She informed us and it was amazing. We were fortunate to have the privilege of a bilingual session. As she said, 'Because we live in this country, we are able to do this'. The auditorium was full. It was a great evening."

  This bulletin from Neil Trainer:  "News
  Flash!....Our daughter Erin Trainer has 
  been re-elected to a second 4 year term
  as a Councillor for the District of Summerland
  in the Southern Interior region of B.C.  Erin
  had the second highest votes out of nine
  people running for Council. Mary and I are
  so very proud of our daughter." 
  Congratulations also to our own David Croal
who won a seat on the Gibson's city council
  on the Sunshine Coast.  David and his fellow
  incoming Councilors and Mayor will be sworn
                  Erin Trainer and son Woods                      in on November 6th.                                                           David Croal

  The JCC Showtime troupe of singers and dancers gave their first
  performance after a summer break on October 25 in Surrey at the
  Seniors Come Share Society. Maurice Moses has been a member of the
  group since 2004 and on this occasion he performed two solo numbers
  and three duets as well as performing in medleys with the entire cast.

Zafira Nanji (formerly with CBC Vancouver Human Resources) and her best friend Sonia Fantauzzi have opened a new business designing and creating various items of baby clothes, with items such as t-shirts available in sizes for the entire family.  Pricing is dependent on complexity of design, colours and materials needed with intro pricing and bulk discounts available.  Zafira and Sonia have just accepted an order for a "baby first birthday" family of t-shirts!  To place your custom order or obtain more information, contact Zafira and Sonia by e-mail at or on Facebook at .  Zafira reports that the Facebook business page Fantasy Finds Accessories, Cosmetics and Collectibles is being revitalized "as we speak" so be sure to check back on the page frequently!


Former CBC Vancouver Wardrobe Mistress Stephanie Nolin is in Europe with Wendy Foster, another former CBC employee (Seamstress with CBC Vancouver).    Stephanie reports that they started in Barcelona, Spain followed by a week in France near Perpignan visiting Stephie's sisters-in-law.  Then it was on to Florence, Italy where their number expanded to nine, gathered from Vancouver, Montreal, Prince George and Germany.

They rented the villa Medici for a week and Stephanie remarked that their views were wonderful.  She added
that, "Florence was busy but as stunning as ever".



Villa Medici outside Florence (Impruneta) and views

Next they visited Croatia – "beautiful brilliant blue skies and sparkling blue waters" - including the city of Dubrovnik on the Adriatic Sea, which Stephanie says, "was terrifically busy; cruise ships, sometimes five 
per day, make it a very Disneyland experience".  The last leg of their journey took them to Germany where they spent four days in Munich before spending some time in Frankfurt before flying home.


                                                       Munich Chapel                                                          Mickey Mouse look-alike plays the accordian in Frankfurt Square

Travel has occupied a number of other colleagues recently as well.  Pat & Helen Hartley have just returned from back-to-back cruises with the Princess line, first along the coast from Vancouver to California and return and then to the Hawaiian Islands and back. Neil & Lynn Gillon are just home from a cruise which took them from Rome to Lisbon, Portugal with stops in several Spanish ports including a visit to Alhambra as well as to Morroco, the Canary Islands, Madeira and an unexpected stop at Gibraltar (a crack in the hull make for some changes).  Jim Nelson & Sharie Lomas were in France with a stop in London, England prior to returning home; John Mang & Susan Wood holidayed in France and Catherine & Steve Morrin did an extensive tour of Scotland.

The Southern Interior Chapter, British Columbia and Yukon Region of the CBC Pensioners' National Association, held its annual Fall Luncheon at the Cove Resort in West Kelowna on October 3.  A beautiful view and great company was enjoyed by Trevor Evans, Jackie Gladman, Judi Grindlay, Joe Holman, Gordon & Sally Hunt, Rick & Bev Inglis, Brian & Marilyn Lawrence, Robert MacDonald, Mumtaz Nathu, Ted & Alice North, John & Marilyn Pendlebury, Bruce & Diana Tonner, Neil & Mary Trainer, Ray & Ingrid Waines and Alix Washchyshyn.  Special guest at the luncheon was Andrew Glass, Program Manager B.C. Radio Bureaus, CBC Kelowna.

With sincere appreciation to Jim MacVicar and Joanne Skidmore of the CBC Pensioners' Association, I am pleased to share news from the August 1 issue of The Transmitter newsletter:

The following photos taken at the CBC Pensioners' National Association Convention in May held in Regina, Saskatchewan were provided by Hartland Jessome (CBC PNA, Regina, SK)     and presented within the President's Report by Jim MacVicar:

The new CBC Pensioners National Association Executive was elected in May 2018.

From left to right: Vice-President (Anglophone) David Jeffrey (Kanata, ON),
Treasurer Réjean Labrie (Brossard, QC), Vice-President (Francophone) Suzanne Aubin (Longueil, QC),
and President Denis Collette (Winnipeg, MB)


                  Hartland Jessome, President                                            Joanne McAdam, delegate                                        Bob Forrow, Vice-President of the
                  of the Saskatchewan Chapter,                                           from the Southern Alberta                                   Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest
                                 (Regina, SK)                                                             Chapter (Calgary, AB)                                         Territories Region (Edmonton, AB)

Bob Forrow, Vice-President of the Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories Region (Edmonton, AB); Julia Sargeaunt, Employee Assistance Plan (Edmonton, AB); Jim MacVicar, President of the ASN Region (Devon, AB); Joanne McAdam, Southern Alberta Chapter ASN (Calgary, AB); Hartland Jessome, Saskatchewan Chapter ASN (Regina, SK)

Is Freedom from Fear Possible?
Krysia Jarmicka, CBC PNA, Edmonton, AB

At my going-away party last October, friends gave me a card that quoted an important writer J.R.R. Tolkien saying "Not all who wander are lost." No matter how brave and independent I saw myself, it was nice to have some reinforcement from   earthly authorities!

  Where was I going last October? Hard to know because I
  had decided to become, in effect, voluntarily homeless.

  I released most of my earthly possessions, climbed into my
  Stow'n Go Dodge Grand Caravan, full of camping gear, and
  headed out of Edmonton.

  Since then I have camped as far south as Guanajuato,
  Mexico; been to a great family reunion/Christmas adventure
  in Phoenix, Arizona; rendezvous-ed with a never-met-but-
  always-knew-about cousin near Chicago, Illinois; set foot on
  Walpole Island, a piece of unceded territory sitting in the
              Photo courtesy Krysia Jarmicka, CBC PNA                      mouth of the St. Clair River between the province of Ontario and the state of Michigan; and visited Ottawa to attend the party for my great-grandson Arthur's first birthday in May.

But why?  Why wander?  I don't feel restless.  Quite the contrary, I feel totally comfortable in my skin.  What I DO feel is a relentless urge to move across the land, alone.

When people ask me: "Aren't you scared?", I reply, "Of what?" and then we have a conversation about fear. I feel deep within myself a call to ACTIVELY trust in the goodness of my fellow human beings and to encourage others to do the same.

I have driven over 25,000 kilometres since October 29th, 2017, enjoying many a campfire gathering in countless campgrounds in Canada, the United States of America and Mexico.  We sit, we talk, we think about personal experience                                                              Photo courtesy of Krysia Jarmicka, CBC PNA 
versus the drama 'out in the  world'. We contemplate.                                   Travelling near the Mexican border.

There's no rush, just a deep sense that it's really okay to feel calm amongst others. If I miss my family and friends, there's always a McDonald's just down the road with WiFi for my iPhone. And at this point, the road still beckons.

Photo courtesy of Kysia Jarmicka, CBC PNA, Edmonton, Alta.
Camping in the LTVA (Long Term Visitors Area) Yuma, Arizona.

Singing Farmers
Stan Ewert, CBC PNA, White City, SK

Back in the day, CBC Radio was tasked with the job of producing School Broadcasts for the provincial Departments of Education. There were four programs a week during the school year covering various subjects from music to Shakespeare. At that time there were still many small schools in rural areas that lacked resources. School broadcasts were one way to help.

It was after a long week of travelling in rural Saskatchewan that we found ourselves in a two-room schoolhouse in Annaheim. The 'we' were Producer Dave Cruickshank, School Broadcast representative Gertrude Murray and me as the Recording Technician. We had been recording school choirs for a special music broadcast and this was our last stop.

We had just finished recording when the teacher who conducted the school choir asked if we would like to listen to the Anaheim men's choir that would rehearse that evening. We told him we couldn't use an adult choir on a school broadcast but he explained he just wanted us to listen to the choir. We were anxious to hit the road but he came up with an offer we couldn't refuse. He invited us to his home for a chicken dinner before the rehearsal. For a group of tired travellers who had been eating restaurant meals all week, this clinched the deal. We ate a delicious home-cooked meal and then returned to the school.

When we arrived we saw trucks coming from all directions bringing farmers, some right off their tractors. The choir of about a dozen men began singing and our jaws dropped. The full a cappella sound of baritones and tenors vibrated throughout the room. The beautiful music we were hearing couldn't possibly be coming from an amateur choir. My producer signaled me to start the recorder and we recorded the whole rehearsal. Unfortunately the microphones were still set up for the children's choir so the pickup didn't do justice to the adult men's choir but it was too late to change anything.

When we returned to Regina, Dave Cruickshank sent the tapes to the CBC Music Department in Toronto. They were so impressed they took the rehearsal tapes and edited them into a half hour Choral Concert program that went to the full radio network.

A year went by and Toronto asked for a further program from the Annaheim men's choir. We recorded material for another Choral Concert network production.

Another year went by and as expected we had a request from Toronto for an additional program. However, we had bad news. The conductor had left Annaheim and the men's choir had dissolved. We didn't get to do another recording but we had the satisfaction of knowing we had brought the talented voices of a group of farmers to radio listeners across Canada.

Blasts from the Past
Bill Laing, CBC PNA, Edmonton, AB

Remembering CBC Edmonton Information Radio, 1970

  Top left: Dennis Woodrow / Centre: Keith Rutherford / Top  right: Glenn Bjarnasson

    Bottom left: Colin MacLean, arts & entertainment reporter / Bottom right: Jennie Diment,
    chief makeup artist

  Dennis Woodrow hosted a national classic music request
  program from Edmonton in the afternoon five days a week.
  Keith Rutherford was a general duty announcer for television
  and radio, and Glenn Bjarnasson was a sportscaster on
  television - when we had sportscasts!

  At this time even the news and sports people got makeup for
  the show!

            Remember CBC Christmas advertising?

Years ago, CBC Edmonton put out a Christmas card for staff to send to their contacts.

Remembering Ripple Rock
Bob McQuay, CBC PNA, Edmonton, AB

Have you ever watched any of the films made long ago by the National Film Board? One film, Ripple Rock, caught the attention of Bob McQuay because it jogged his memory about being part of the CBC camera crew that filmed the explosion in 1958.

The NFB says "This film shows a complicated three-year engineering project leading to the destruction of Ripple Rock, a deathtrap in the shipping lane between Vancouver Island and the mainland. Also shown are tunnelling beneath the ocean floor of Seymour Narrows, the placing of the explosives and a close-up view of the successful explosion in 1958."

Bob McQuay says:

"I had forgotten about it but 60 years later it becomes a big item. It sure jarred the old memory. I remember  ripple rock like it was yesterday. I guess that really makes me old because I was there.

The CBC broadcast the explosion live and I was one of the three cameraman on the project. To get the signal out it was sent to Seattle then through to New York then on to Toronto and feeds to eastern Canada. Alberta was not yet hooked up to the TV towers so they got a taped delay. Years before satellite! Vancouver was just a microwave feed. Full coast-to-coast microwave came in later that year.

Chapters Roundup

Calgary: Members of the Southern Alberta Chapter got together for lunch on Wednesday, June 6 at the Kerby Centre.

Edmonton: Mark your calendar for the second Tuesday of each month to meet PNA members from in and around Edmonton for breakfast. The location is IHOP, International House of Pancakes, 3921 Calgary Trail NW in Edmonton. The restaurant is across the parking lot from Walmart. Breakfast begins at 9 a.m. and there is a 15% Seniors Discount on Tuesdays. The upcoming get-togethers will be on August 14, September 11 and  October 9.  For more information contact Jim MacVicar at 780-987-5933 or


  Saskatoon: CBC retirees in Saskatoon met with CBC PNA
  Regional President Jim MacVicar at Grainfields restaurant on
  May 24.

    Photo: From left to right: Jim MacVicar, CBC PNA Regional President from Edmonton, AB;
    Ellen Armstrong, Vi Atwell, Al Willems, Laura Wirachowsky and Kathy Fitzpatrick.


  Regina: We had a great turnout for the CBC 20 Year
  Association Spring Fling at Nicky's Café in Regina on May 26. 
  Thanks to Regional President Jim MacVicar for travelling from
  Edmonton to join us. 

  We're taking a holiday from our coffee meetings and will start
  again just after the Labour Day Long Weekend on Wednesday,
  September 5 at Theo Bill's Restaurant in Regina.




   This photograph of a creative design using the old CBC "jewel" was posted
   online by Craig MacKie.  He put it on the Facebook page called CBC and
   Radio-Canada Employees Only (Past and Present).  Craig said they'd had
   this jacket done for the radio crew in Iqaluit (Frobisher Bay) in the mid-to-
   late 1980s.


Sincere appreciation to the Executive and Board Members of the Ontario Region and Chapters, CBC Pensioners' National Association, for their permission to share news from Livewire newsletter of October, 2018:


Hope everyone had a good summer.

The Toronto Pub Afternoons and the Chowder Club lunches have started up after their summer break.

The first pub afternoon will be held on Wednesday, Sept. 26th at Factory Girl on the Danforth. The date may have passed by the time you receive this newsletter, but be sure to check out the next edition for pictures.

If you know of CBCers who would be interested in attending any of these functions, drop me a note ( ) with their info to get their names added to mailing lists. This is not just open to CBC retirees; present CBC employees are also welcome.


Saturday, July 14 turned out to be the perfect day for a BBQ overlooking the St. Clair River! It was a special day because it was also our last one that was hosted at the Menard Villa on the water. Thank you Gabe and Linda for your years of hospitality to the Chapter. We are already looking into a new venue for 2019 and will announce it in the Spring newsletter. Again the success was due to the many that attended. Some, where it was their first attendance, and others who have never missed a gathering. It was wonderful to watch and hear many get re-acquainted after a few years apart. Also, it was good to see some of our associate members who always make the trip from different parts of the county and province. The BBQ went into the late hours of the evening where many of us had the opportunity to toast a final farewell to the sunset!  It was a day that we will always remember and look forward to many more gatherings down the road.

Our 4th annual Essex County Wine Tour that took place on Saturday, August 25, was once again a sell-out!  Although, the day originally called for rain, it cleared and was excellent. Two 24-seater buses, made their way through the county to visit the following four wineries. Tasting at Pelee Island Winery; tasting and lunch at Muscedere Vineyards; tasting at Cooper's Hawk Vineyards and final tasting at Vivace Estate Winery. On our trip back raffle prizes were drawn on both buses and many returned to the Caboto Club around 5:30pm where we sat and enjoyed a thin crust pizza dinner.

Looking forward to seeing many of our friends at our next re-union the annual Christmas Party on Saturday, December 1, 2018. Information will follow in the next Livewire, our Facebook page and Chapter's Newsletter.

Your Board: Gino, Sandy, Jackie, Gerry and Manny

Spring Fling at the Royal Botanical Gardens

More than 60 CBC pensioners and guests gathered at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington on June 13th for lunch and the chance to interact with Paul Zammit. He's Director of the Toronto Botanical Garden and an enthusiastic expert on all things gardening. After Paul's presentation and a Q and A session, everyone had a chance to explore the beautiful grounds at RBC Centre and Hendrie Park.


 The Durham Chapter once
  again held its very
  successful BBQ on
  August 22 at the Ocala
  winery. There were 32 in
  attendance and all
  enjoyed hamburgers,
  hotdogs, great salads and
  the best apple dessert
  made from Ocala farm apples. Janet Abate, once again, outdid herself with door prizes and just about everyone went away with either a bottle of wine or a cooler bag full of tasty treats.


On Thursday August 16, 2018, the North Central Ontario Chapter had its annual BBQ.  It was a catered buffet lunch on the estate of Bob Burt at Lake Couchiching. We had a good turnout with old friends and were joined by the Probus Club of Orillia. There were a variety of meats and salads as well as cold drinks, coffee and dessert. Our usual band entertained everybody by playing guitars and singing Western and modern music. After lunch a lucky draw took place with gifts of bottles of wine and Tim Horton gift cards. Although sometimes threatening, the weather held until everything was over. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and we look forward to next year's event.


05 November – 20yr Association – Speaker + lunch – The Blake House
08 November – North Central Chapter Annual Meeting – Bracebridge, 10:30 a.m
21 November – Durham Chapter – Holiday lunch – Ocala winery
01 December – South Western Ontario Chapter – Christmas dinner – Caboto Club, Windsor
05 December – Golden Horseshoe chapter Christmas lunch – Royal Canadian Legion,
08 December – Regional Christmas lunch – Duke of Devon Pub – Toronto


...And that brings this issue of "Auld Acquaintances" to a close.  Until next time, wishing you and yours a very happy holiday season and a happy and healthy 2019!