Auld Acquaintances by Peggy Oldfield
November 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018

The last Auld Acquaintances left off just as we were edging into the winter season at the end of October, so we'll pick up with CBC 20 Year Association events that have taken place in the ensuing months.  A further column will be on the way soon with recent news from colleagues.

20 people came out on November 22nd for a pub lunch at the Tap & Barrel next to Lonsdale Quay in North Vancouver - Agnes Arychuk, Dorean Binns, Elizabeth Bishop, Joe Cranswick, Serafine Crawley, Neil & Lynn Gillon, John Henderson, Joe Holman, Brian Keating, Stan Langtry, Ron & Diane Mahy, Ken Mitchell, Jim Nelson, Mike & Peggy Oldfield, Alan Stewart and John & Jackie Weston.  The pub was festively decorated with a gorgeous Christmas tree and stockings hung along the fireplace mantel and that ambience added to the wonderful pub atmosphere plus good food and great company made for a great  afternoon. R-L around table from foreground: Joe Cranswick, Joe Holman, John Henderson, Elizabeth 
Lynn Gillon, Diane Mahy, Ron Mahy and Neil Gillon.

                           Photo at right: Seated:  Ron & Diane Mahy with Lynn Gillon.  Standing:  Stan Langtry, Jackie Weston, Mike Oldfield and John Weston.


Photo at left:  L-R:  Serafine Crawley, Agnes Arychuk, Dorean Binns and Elizabeth Bishop.

                                                                                                            The Tap & Barrell, festively decked out.

That touch of the impending holiday season was multiplied many times over at the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club where the annual Christmas Buffet Dinner Party was held on December 6th. 

The CBC 20 Year Association Board was very happy to see a larger attendance than in the last few years and hope this trend will continue!  The tradition of honouring CBC British Columbia's employees who have been on staff for 25 years continued with presentations on this occasion to Natalie Clancy (Investigative Reporter, TV & Radio News), Karin Larsen (Reporter/Editor – News), Marnie Manns (Administrative Specialist, Scheduling Department), Belle Puri (Reporter/Editor – News), Heather San Martin (Administrative Support, Transmission Department) and Jon Siddall (Producer – Radio).  

L-R: CBC Vancouver 25 Year Honourees Jon Siddall, Karin Larsen, Belle Puri, Marnie Manns, Heather San Martin and Natalie Clancy.  

Jeanne Ouellet (Reporter/Editor, French Services) was unfortunately unable to attend.  CBC Managers Shiral Tobin (Director of Journalism & programming, Radio Current Affairs) and Wayne Williams (Senior Director of Journalism & Programming, Digital News) handled the honours. Included in the crowd applauding the careers of these staffers were Elizabeth Bishop, Clive Bottomley, Doug Campbell, Barbara Coates, Serafine Crawley, Chris Cutress, Jeff Davies, Manjula Dufresne, Helene Dupre-Espeut, Joan Engel, Diana Filer, Neil Gillon, Deborah Goble, Denis Grenier, Michael Ho, Brian Keating, Doug Kerr, Barbara Lowy, Gloria Macarenko, Ron Mahy, Anne Mathisen, Maurice Moses, Ralph Motohashi, Rod Mundy, Carey Murphy, Jim Nelson, Bob Nixon, Mike & Peggy Oldfield, Ron Petrescue, John Rogers, Joe Silva, Phil Smith, Alan Stewart, Robert Sunter, Karen Tankard, Michael Varga, Cecilia Walters, Alan Waterman, Liz Wilcox, Kirk Williams and Lawrence WrightCBC 20 Year Association President Joe Holman was Master of Ceremonies throughout the evening (photo at right).  The surprise of the event was given to John Kennedy when Jim Nelson asked everyone to join him in wishing John a slightly belated Happy 80th Birthday and a cake complete with lighted candles was placed in front of him.  The room burst into singing the traditional version of Happy Birthday, followed by The Merry Widow Waltz version sung by Maurice Moses who nimbly dashed up to the podium to serenade John.  A friend of Maurice's, Miriam Breitman, found the words on a cassette many years ago (author unknown) and fitted them to the famous music by Franz Lehar.  She and Maurice often sing this version of Happy Birthday in their Showtime performances to anyone in the audience celebrating, and Maurice and Lillian Hanson have, together and separately, honoured CBC colleagues and other friends with it as well. 

Ron Mahy, Peggy Oldfield, Doug Kerr, Denis Grenier and Elizabeth Bishop surround John Kennedy following presentation of a birthday cake in honour of John's 80th.

With the amazing buffet laid out by the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club, a vast array of door prizes compliments of the British Columbia and Yukon Region, CBC Pensioners' National Association and the CBC 20 Year Association, and the conversation that flowed throughout, the party was a delightfully festive celebration and I believe everyone left smiling.

Monthly 5-pin bowling at Grandview Lanes in Vancouver took place on December 13th, January 3rd  February 7th, March 7th, April 4th and May 2nd.  For the December event everyone was asked to wear something "Christmas-sy" (photo at right - in front L-R: Lynn Gillon, Elizabeth Bishop, Diane Mahy, Serafine Crawley and Anne Mathisen. At back L-R: Peggy Oldfield, Neil Gillon, Michael Taylor-Noonan and Ron Mahy).  Diane Mahy gave each of her fellow bowlers a delightful holiday treat - a gift bag containing a home baked gingerbread boy or girl personalized by Diane with the person's name in red icing. Everyone marveled at Diane's talent and patience to bake and decorate them! Anne Mathisen brought chocolate Santas, Elizabeth Bishop provided homemade candy and Peggy Oldfield added Santa gumdrops and Christmas chocolates. It was party time while bowling! The teams consistently include Elizabeth Bishop, Serafine Crawley, Neil & Lynn Gillon, Lillian Hanson, Ron & Diane Mahy, Anne Mathisen, Peggy Oldfield and Michael Taylor-Noonan.  Joining them on several occasions were Maurice Moses, Bill Murray and Sharon SprustonBill Murray had been absent for many months due to severe back pain and the group was delighted to see him pain-free and in good form when he rejoined the bowlers on April 4th.  On that same occasion Diane Mahy supplied a wonderful surprise in the form of a plate of home-baked and decorated Easter sugar cookies (see photo at left) which were happily devoured during the course of bowling!  In the years when bowling was at Ridge Lanes (until its demolition!), Angela Nash had introduced the group to Bingo bowling and it became standard to play two regular games and one Bingo game each month.  Grandview Lanes doesn't have the program for automated Bingo in its system and the group has missed the fun of those games.  Bill Murray has taken the initiative to prepare a manual Bingo "card" for the teams and on May 2nd it was reintroduced to the bowling "routine" (Bill and his score cards for Bingo in the photo at right).  Scoring must be handled manually and sometimes it's a test to defeat the automated pin setter on the lanes, but it results in great laughter and fun and everyone is unanimously agreed to continue it.  Lunch at St. Augustine's Pub follows bowling and the group was delighted on different occasions to be joined by Bill, Helen and Colin Kyashko, by Hugh Poole and John Rogers, by Chris Paton, Taylor Ogston and Alan Walker, and by Joe Holman.

(Photo at left:  Facing the camera are Ken Adams, Rick Zimmerman and Neil Gillon.  Back to camera: Ron Mahy.)

The Annual General Meeting and Spring Luncheon on March 20th was a signal that a whole year had slipped by and it was time for the election of officers to steer the CBC 20 Year Association through another twelve months.  In attendance at the AGM were Ken Adams, Eric Anderson, Jack & Dorean Binns, Elizabeth Bishop, Cam Cathcart, Serafine Crawley, Chris Cutress, Jacquie Fitzgerald, Neil & Lynn Gillon, Michael Ho, Joe Holman, Bruce Johnston, Brian Keating, Ron & Diane Mahy, Anne Mathisen, Jim Nelson, Mike & Peggy Oldfield, Ron Petrescue, Audrey Service, Alan Stewart, Ron Taylor & Sheryl Smale, Michael Taylor-Noonan, Michael Varga and Rick Zimmerman - a total of 30 people of whom 25 were CBC 20 Year Association members. A twist to the event this year was having the AGM at one location and the luncheon at another – the former at the Royal Canadian Legion in North Vancouver and the latter at Jack Lonsdale's Public House.  The two are less than a block apart and no one seemed to mind the short walk.  With no competition for Executive positions on the Board, officers were elected by acclamation – Joe Holman, President; Ron Petrescue, Vice-President; Jacquie Fitzgerald, Treasurer; Peggy Oldfield, Secretary.  The group number expanded at the pub for lunch with the addition of Joan Engel, Lori Konorti and Ding Torrijos.

L-R: Ken Adams, Rick Zimmerman, Neil & Lynn Gillon, Diane Mahy, Serafine Crawley and Audrey Service.

It should be noted here that appointed Members-at-Large serving on the CBC 20 Year Association for the year commencing April 1, 2018 and ending March 31, 2019 are Eric Anderson, Barbara Coates, Serafine Crawley, Pat Hartley, John Henderson, Brian Keating, Ron Mahy, Maurice Moses, Karen Tankard, John Warren and Lawrence WrightNeil Trainer continues on the Board as Immediate Past President.

A luncheon at The Homestretch Restaurant at Fraser Downs Racetrack in Cloverdale had been planned for February 25th but an extremely muddy track necessitated cancellation of the races that day and while the restaurant was still operating, a day at the track without the races didn't hold much appeal.  The event was rebooked for Saturday, April 14th and happily, the weather was more amenable to the racing.  Our reserved tables were on the same level as and near to the buffet, making it easy for everyone to navigate with plates in hand.  The afternoon was great fun for Elizabeth Bishop, Serafine Crawley, Joe Holman, Brian Keating & Phyllis Wilcox, Ron & Diane Mahy (and family members who stopped by to visit), Mike & Peggy Oldfield, Ron & Rae Petrescue and guests, and Ron Taylor & Sheryl Smale.  One race in the schedule was named for the CBC 20 Year Association and a photo of the winning horse and driver with some of the group (Diane Mahy, Elizabeth Bishop, Serafine Crawley, Peggy Oldfield and Ron Petrescue) was taken immediately following the race.

In the photos below at Fraser Downs:
(a) From the foreground on the left - Ron Petrescue, Ray McGowan and Joanne McGowan.  Fron the foreground on the right - Steve Wilkins, Rae Petrescue and Dawn Wilkins.
(b) From the foreground on the left:  Joe Holman, Ron Taylor & Sheryl Smale.  From the foreground on the right: Brian Keating & Phyllis Wilcox.
(c) From the foreground on the left - Elizabeth Bishop, Diane & Ron Mahy.  From the foreground on the right - Serafine Crawley, Peggy & Mike Oldfield.




As we rolled through another month, the next event was a round of golf followed by lunch at Mylora Golf Course in Richmond on Sunday, April 22nd.  18 holes were played by three teams: Team 1: Ron Petrescue, Grant Wilkins, Laura Petrescue and Ty Wilkins.  Team 2: Marc Benoit, Jacquie Fitzgerald and Ray Fitzgerald. Team 3:  Barb Coates, Kathleen Carswell and Kim Carswell.   The golfers were joined afterwards for lunch by Joe Holman, Brian Keating & Phyllis Wilcox, Mike & Peggy Oldfield, Joe Silva and Lawrence Wright.

Golf Teams pictured below:
(a) L-R: Ron Petrescue, grandson Ty Wilkins, daughter Laura Petrescue and son-in-law Grant Wilkins.
(b) L-R:  Marc Benoit, Ray & Jacquie Fitzgerald.
(c) L-R:  Barb Coates, Kim & Kathleen Carswell.


Photos from the luncheon at Mylora Golf Course:
(a) Lawrence Wright and Brian Keating.  At the table in b/g: Joe Holman, Barb Coates, Kathleen & Kim Carswell.
(b) The whole crowd enjoying the lunch gathering.
(c) Ray Fitzgerald and Joe Silva.




More news coming soon!  Regards, Peggy.